23 June - Matthew 7:7-29

23 June, 2019 Barry Jardine

Jesus Teaches Us to Live Differently

Here’s what happens…

Jesus has preached a sermon known as “The Sermon on the Mount.” where he talked about living differently than people expect by loving our enemies, giving privately, not worrying, not judging others, and, today, presents us with some real choices.

- If you could build your dream home, what would it look like? Where would it be? What would be unique about it?

- Jesus presents us with a number of choices in this passage – the broad or narrow gate; to build on the rock or on the sand. What are the major choices you are currently facing in your life? How are you going to decide which to take?

- As Christians, we are expected to live differently – how easy is that in today’s modern society? Can you share some personal examples of how you may have tried this, and……. how has it turned out for you?

- Matthew 7:12 contains what we know as “the golden rule” – “do unto others…”. Should this just be a natural way for us to live or, in today’s society, is it more difficult to live like this. If so why?

- Matthew 7: 7-11 encourages us to pray – ask; seek and knock. When did asking, seeking and knocking pay off for you? When didn’t it? What did you learn in each situation? What hint does Jesus give us which suggests that we should confidently expect God to hear and answer our prayers?

- What’s one thing that’s different about you because you love Jesus?