17 November - Acts 20:7-12

17 November, 2019 Barry Jardine

Eutychus is raised from the dead.

Here’s what happens……

God performed an amazing miracle through Paul. A young man named Eutychus, fell asleep during a particularly long “sermon” from Paul and fell to his death from a 3rd Floor window. Paul rushed outside, threw his arms around Eutychus and he was miraculously brought back to life. Do we continue to witness miracles in this day and age?

Talk About…

- What’s one of the funniest things you’ve ever seen happen in church?

- What did Paul and the believers in Troas share prior to his extra-long preaching stint? (NB: Verse 7). Has the modern church “lost” something which those early Christians had?

- Why may Eutychus have become weary (other than Paul’s long-windedness!!).

- How can you be sure that Eutychus was really dead when he fell to the ground? Does Luke’s presence, occupation and writings give you any clue?

- Paul threw his arms around Eutychus and was able to proclaim, “He’s alive”. What other “miracles” can you recall which Paul, or the other apostles carried out? From whom, or where, did they get the power? Is it available to us?

- Today’s video concludes with the words “Do you think God has anything amazing in store for me?” How can we know whether or not God has something amazing in store for us?

- Tell about a time you felt like God wanted you to do something amazing, and you didn’t know why. Did you do it and, if so, how did it work out?