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Easter Sunday Worship - 17 April 2022 - The Colours of Sunday

On Easter Sunday, in worship in person and online at 8am and 9:30am we will use "The Colours of Sunday" to explore the events of Easter Sunday, using colours to describe the moments of Jesus’ journey:

  • Purple: Darkness – a dark purple or blue for the dark sky at the time of Jesus’ death.
  • White: The linen that Jesus’ body was wrapped in.
  • Gold – the colour of dawn and the colour of the angels
  • Grey – the colour of the road to Emmaus
  • Orange – the colour of fire - Didn’t we feel on fire as he conversed with us on the road, as he opened up the Scriptures for us? Luke 24

For those planning to join online, materials for the Good Friday and Easter Sunday services will be available to collect from the Church office on Thursday 14 April from 9am-12noon or 6pm-8pm.



Good Friday Worship - 15 April 2022 - The Mercy Tree

On Good Friday, in worship in person and online at 8am we will use "The Mercy Tree" to explore the events of Easter Friday using coloured ribbons and branches.

The service is a guided meditation on Jesus’ journey to the cross, woven together with music and scripture readings. This service is one hour long and suitable for all ages.

For those planning to join online, materials for the Good Friday and Easter Sunday services will be available to collect from the Church office on Thursday 14 April from 9am-12noon or 6pm-8pm.



10 April 2022 - Passion Sunday Worship - Walk Through Holy Week

On Sunday, 10 April, in worship at 8am and 9:30am, we will "Walk Through Holy Week" in 9 prayer stations to help us engage with the last week of Jesus’ life on earth in a multi-sensory way.

The Stations will also be set up and be open during the week at the times below for those that cannot attend on Sunday or would like to walk through them again.

  • Monday 11 April, 1:30pm - 3:30pm
  • Wednesday 13 April, 9am - 11am
  • Thursday 14 April, 9am -12 noon and 6pm - 8pm.

A booklet is also attached here that will be available to help guide you through the stations in the building, but you could also use it to "walk" through the stations at home.

Biblical Reference(s): Matthew 6:21, 20:28, 21:8-10, 26:6-7, 26:12, 26:14-16, 26:36-39, 26:57, 26:59-60, 27:15-17, 27:21b, 27:26b-31, 27:32-34, 27:37-38, 27:51-52a, 27:54, 27:57-60, Luke 23:21, Luke 23:34, John 13:1, 13:3-5, 13:14-15, 14:6, 20:1-2, 20:18, 20:19-20, Galatians 5:1, Isaiah 53:5


Outline of Prayer Stations

Station 1:               Hosanna to the King

Station 2:               Mary and Judas 

Station 3:               The Servant King

Station 4:               Not my will but Yours be done

Station 5:               Jesus in Chains

Station 6:               Jesus Suffers

Station 7:               The Cross

Station 8:               Dead and Buried

Station 9:               Jesus is Alive

Material © Jane Hulme 2017 https://www.allageworshipresources.org/walk-holy-week-prayer-stations/


Holy Week in the Home - 10 April - 17 April 2022

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, continues through Maundy Thursday and Good Friday and ends with Holy Saturday.

It is the most solemn and holy time of the church year. Tenebrae services are traditionally held during this week, and involve the gradual extinguishing of candles endingin total darkness near the end of the service.

One way to help us not lose the significance of Holy Week or indeed Easter Day itself is to observe a week-long Tenebrae at home.

The attached cards give suggestions for participating in your own Holy Week Tenebrae at home, and will help you learn and experience the story together.

We hope this journey through Holy Week will help you focus on the events of the week in preparation for the joy of Easter Day.

Thanks to https://www.sunzbreakthrough.org.nz/resources/holyweekinthehome for sharing this resource


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