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Live Worship Stream


26 March, 2023 @ 9:30 AM

Uniting Early Learning celebration service

Experience the joy of worship with us at this special service for UEL staff, children and families.

Connect with old and new friends and families, and join in the celebration of this unique centre.

1 April, 2023 @ 7:00 AM

Men's Breakfast

Are you ready to get together with other men, have a hot cooked breakfast and chew the fat. The come along to our next men's breakfast, bring a mate, share together and have a great time. Then mark Saturday 1st April 2023 in your diaries starting at 7am, spread the word to your mates and tell your wives you have a man date.

Being April 1st, April Fools Day this month's men's Breakfast will be an in house affair where we want to encourage people to share something of their childhood. Come along with an anecdote or funny story from your childhood

It will be a great morning The cost is $10, $5 for juniors and free for first-time attenders. it will start at 7am. RSVP is essential for catering purposes by Thursday 30th March. So please register for the event here so that we can ensure your details are correct for this great event.

2 April, 2023 @ 9:30 AM

Palm Sunday: Jesus enters Jerusalem as King

Join us as we celebrate that Jesus is King and is worthy of our praise and obedience. At the end of the service the focus turns towards the events of Holy Week.

6 April, 2023 @ 6:00 PM

Easter Thursday Seder Meal

Seder meal is a re-enactment of the Jewish Passover moving to celebrate the last supper that Jesus shared with his disciples. We will share a traditional meal with lamb, roast vegetables as e worship together over the meal.

Bookings are necessary as this will be a catered meal. Costs are $10 adult, $5 child with a cap at $30 per family. Please use the booking link to RSVP by Monday 10 April and pay on the night.


19 March 2023

19 March 2023


18 March, 2023

What's happening at Emmanuel

Sunday 19th March Commissioning of Jesse Caulfield as Pastor

Sunday 26 March Annual service with UEL Enoggera

Wednesday 29 March Acts2 discussion at Chermside Kedron CC

1 April Men's Breakfast

1-4 April Easter Madness Gr 7-12 Camp at QCCC Tamborine

The Story

This week we continue our Journey through the Story, In chapter 17 we cover the fall of Judah (the Southern Kingdom) and its capital Jerusalem. We hear of Josiah, a faithful king for Judah who seeks God's help and the ministries of the prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel.

6/3-12/3 Chapter 16 - The beginning of the end (of the kingdom of Israel)

13/3-19/3 Chapter 17 - The Kingdom's Fall

20/3-26/3 Chapter 18 - Daniel in Exile.

Please note that we will not be doing the Story through the 3 Sundays of School Holidays . Chapter 19 will resume on the week starting 17 April.

Commissioning of Jesse Caulfield as Pastor

We welcome family and friends as we celebrate Jesse's commissioning as our new Pastor at Emmanuel. We also welcome Fa Matangi, the Presbytery Youth and Children's Co-ordinator to our worship today.

UEL Enoggera

Emmanuel is proud of its long history with UEL Enoggera (and its predecessor Tiny Town). We are excited about the children, families and staff that are a part of UEL Enoggera. We welcome them all next week as we celebrate together our connection and partnership.

Children and Youth MInistries

Boy's Brigade Wednesday at 6:30pm

Girl's Brigade Thursday at 6:00pm

Play group Friday at 9:30am

Sunday School Sunday at 9:30am

YDG (Youth Discipleship Group) Sunday at 5pm recommencing in Term 2 (23 April)

Explore Groups

Exploring faith together is one of our core values. As disciples, we grow through engaging with Scripture, seeking to understand what God is saying and how we can apply this to our lives. This is best done in community. As we explore together the grand narrative of the Bible, our faith as individuals, and as a corporate body - the church - grows. If you haven't already done so, jump into one of our explore groups:

Monday 12:30pm in Alderley. Woman's Bible Study. Contact Susan Walker

Monday 7:30pm in Everton Park. Contact Claire Hoole

Tuesday 2:00pm in the meeting room at Emmanuel. Contact Robyn Battley

Tuesday 7:30pm Young adults. Contact Amy Wakem (in recess)

Thursday 1pm Thursday thinkers in the meeting room at Emmanuel. Contact Richard Robinson

Thursday 6pm in the meeting room. Contact Lisa Caulfield

Thursday 7pm. Contact Chris Manning

Thursday 7:30pm in person and online. Contact Martin Fisher


Dig In At Home

The Story Chapter 14 - Week Beginning 20 February 2023

Chapter 14: A Kingdom Torn in Two

Timeless Truth: God detests idol worshippers.

Bible Basis: 1 Kings 12:1–33; 14:22–23, 26–28; 15:11–24, 16:29-33

Key Verse: “Asa did what was right in the eyes of the LORD” (1 Kings 15:11).

Parent Tips:

Use the Table Talk questions to start a discussion around the dinner table during the week. The Living Faith activity encourages your family to think seriously about modern-day idols. The Extra Mile takes your family to a song that talks about God and explains why only he is worthy of worship.

Get the Point:

Preschool: God uses bad things to teach his people. I can learn from mistakes.

Elementary: God uses bad things to teach his people. I can learn from mistakes.

Middle School: When you follow the lie that God can’t give you what you need, it’s easy to turn to idols.

High School: Idol worship isn’t limited to golden cows; many things can pull your attention away from God.

Table Talk


- The people of Judah started fighting against Israel and decided to start their own country. Have you ever had two of your friends fight and decide not to be friends anymore?

- What happened because of this fight?

- Was there a way your friends could’ve settled their differences better?

- In the midst of all these bad kings in Israel and Judah, Asa became king of Judah and “did what was right in the eyes of the Lord” (1 Kings 15:11). Do you think it was hard for him to do good things when everybody around him was making bad choices?

- Tell about a time when others were making poor choices and you decided to follow God. Was it hard? How did it make you feel?

Middle/High School

- Proverbs 13:20 says, “Anyone who walks with wise people grows wise. But a companion of foolish people suffers harm.” Rehoboam’s dad, Solomon, wrote those words. But Rehoboam must’ve been spacing out when Solomon said them, because instead of listening to the counsel of wise elders, Rehoboam listened to his friends when it came to the treatment of the people of Judah. His friends encouraged Rehoboam to tell Jeroboam that bigger whips would be used to beat them. (That’s not a good way to make friends.) Jeroboam went back and split off a new country, Judah, where he was king. What do you think was Rehoboam’s biggest mistake?

- Could Judah splitting from Israel been prevented?

- Have you ever listened to your friends instead of your parents? (Note: Parents you can share a story here, too, from your growing up years.)

- Do you think Solomon’s advice in Proverbs 13:20 is true?

Living Faith

You don’t run into a lot of golden cow worshipers at church these days. But the problem of idols still plagues God followers. Anything that comes before God in your life could be an idol, especially if you look to that thing for comfort or satisfaction. Have all family members fill out the chart to see how they spend their time. At the end, answer some questions to see if any idols have crept into your daily life.

On average how much time each day do you spend doing these things?

Activity Time Spent?

- Watching TV

- Playing Video Games

- Texting/ talking on the phone

- Reading Bible and praying

- Shopping

- Being on the Computer

None of the activities are in and of themselves sinful; however, if they consume all your time and pull you away from God, they could become an idol. In today’s society money, fame, possessions, career advancement, popularity and other things rule people’s lives. Ask:

- What area in your life do you think has the greatest possibility of becoming an idol?

- How can you prevent that from happening?

- What changes can you make in your schedule to show God that he’s first in your life?

Extra Mile

Only the one true God is worthy of our worship. King Solomon opened the door to idol worship, and then Israel and Judah forsook the Lord to follow false gods.

Watch the “I will worship You – Matthew Ward.” Have a pencil and paper ready. Write down all of the characteristics of God mentioned in the song. “My God is faithful, truthful...”

- Think about the things people worship today (fame, money, etc.). Can any of those things boast the same characteristics that God possesses?

- One of the lines says, “I will worship you for the things you’ve done in me.” Have family members share something the Lord has done in them.

- Deuteronomy 6:13 says, “Worship the Lord your God. He is the only one you should serve.” Write that verse on an index card and stick it on the refrigerator. Encourage everybody in your family to memorize it this week. Plan something fun as a family if everybody accomplishes this goal.


Are You Ready for Lent?

​Lent begins February 22nd. What are you giving up (or taking on) this year?

could you go beyond simply giving up chocolate or coffee and instead, give up something coming between you and God - or take up a spiritual practice to bring you closer to him?

Here are some resources to help you and your family connect in deeper discipleship this Lent:

- Lent 2023 Resources from the Qld Synod​

- Uniting World Lent Event

- ​15 Ideas to Observe Lent (beyond giving up chocolate)​

- ​Devotional for Ash Wednesday​

- ​Prepare Your Heart for Easter (40-day Lenten Devotional)​

- ​How Can 40 Days Renew and Refocus Your Heart?​


The Story Chapter 13 - Week Beginning 13 February 2023

Chapter 13: The King Who Had It All

Timeless Truth: God’s faithful love continues forever.

Bible Basis: 1 Kings 3:1-15, 4:29-30, Proverbs 3:1-18, 2 Chronicles 6:12-7:3, 2 Chronicles 9:1-8, 1 Kings 11:9-13

Key Verse: “Don’t be wise in your own eyes. Have respect for the LORD” (Proverbs 3:7).

Parent Tips:

Use the Table Talk questions to start a discussion around the dinner table during the week. The Living Faith activity will give your family a glimpse of what it was like when God’s presence filled the temple. The Extra Mile takes your family on a digital video tour of Solomon’s temple. Plus, you can get to know Proverbs.

Get the Point:

Preschool: God made Solomon a wise leader. God can make me wise, too.

Elementary: God made Solomon a wise leader. God can make me wise, too.

Middle School: Man’s wisdom—even Solomon’s—is limited. God’s love endures forever.

High School: Solomon was the wisest man alive, but he failed to follow his own godly teaching and that led to his downfall.

Table Talk


- God appeared to Solomon in a dream and offered to give him anything he asked for. If God gave you the same offer, what would you ask for?

- Solomon asked for wisdom, so he could be a good king. Do you think that was a good request?

- God liked Solomon’s answer so much that he gave him wisdom, fame and money. What’s the best reward you’ve received for a good answer?

- If you could ask your parents to give you one thing, what would it be?

Middle/High School

- Solomon’s wisdom is legendary. Many of his saying can be found in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. He begins Proverbs by writing, “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction” (Proverbs 1:7). What does that mean to you?

- Would your teachers and friends agree that the “fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge”?

- What would modern-day science say about that statement?

- Is Solomon’s wisdom out of date or does it still apply today? Why?

Living Faith

This activity requires a 20-ounce plastic bottle, warm water, vinegar and baking soda. It’s best to complete this activity outside or in a sink. As you watch the baking soda and vinegar react and fizz out of the bottle, think about what it would’ve been like to watch God’s presence come down and fill the temple.

Start by putting about two tablespoons of baking soda in the bottom of the bottle. Quickly add a ½ cup of vinegar and ¼ cup of warm water. Step back and watch the bottle fill with foam that bursts out of the top.

When Solomon prayed for the temple, God’s presence came down. Second Chronicles 7:2 says, “the priests couldn’t enter the temple of the Lord. His glory filled it.” Can you imagine God’s tangible presence filling a building? It was so powerful that people who witnessed it, dropped to their knees and worshiped God.

For a bonus activity after discussing God’s powerful presence at his temple, get a plastic zipper bag to demonstrate that God’s glory can’t be contained. Be careful as the bag will explode and may create a mess.

This time put a couple of tablespoons of baking soda in a paper towel and fold it up. Pour a ½ cup of vinegar and a ¼ cup of water into the plastic zipper bag. Drop in the paper towel and quickly zip the bag closed. Give a quick shake to start the reaction, then put the plastic bag on the ground and step away. The bag should puff up and pop with a loud bang.

Extra Mile

Idea #1:

Money wasn’t an issue for Solomon. God blessed him with such vast riches that the Bible says silver had little value in Solomon’s kingdom and that the king drank out of a gold goblet. So when Solomon built God’s temple, he spared no expense.

Even though Solomon had 180,000 workers and 4,000 supervisors on the project, the temple took seven years to complete. It was one of the most majestic structures of the day. Nearly 500 years after the Israelites left Egypt, God’s temple was complete.

Take a digital video tour of the temple by watching this video.” Read 1 Kings 6 as you watch.

- Did anything stand out to you in the video?

- Is there any part of the description of the temple that seems especially majestic?

- How does Solomon’s temple compare to your church?

- Does God’s presence still fill buildings today? (Look at Matthew 18:20 for an answer.)

Idea #2:

Read the Proverb that mirrors today’s date. (So if it’s the 10th, read Proverbs 10.) After you’re finished, have each family member discuss her favorite verse from what was just read. Encourage each person to memorize one verse from Proverbs. Try this for one day or do it all week!



Emmanuel Playgroup

Emmanuel Playgroup offers a safe place for children 0-5 to play and develop social skills with their peers and other children and adults. It is a great place to make new friends, learn new things, and become part of a community. We welcome all young children and their carers including stay-at-home, work-from-home, and work outside the home; mums, dads, grandparents, and nannies.

We meet each Friday during school terms at 9:30 - 11:30am. Each week we have a different theme and activities to engage children. A large range of toys helps provide new experiences every week.

Cost: gold coin donation per child, per session. Bring your own food and drink.

Before attending Playgroup, all participants including children and adults MUST complete an online enrolment form here


Emmanuel Girls' Brigade

Girls' Brigade is great for primary and high school-aged girls looking for fun and friendship in a safe and supported environment.

We meet Thursday nights during school terms at Emmanuel Uniting Church

Prep - Grade 2 (Cadets) 6pm - 7:30pm

Grade 3-5 (Juniors) 6pm - 8pm

Grade 6-8 (Seniors) 6pm - 8pm

Grade 9-11 (Pioneers) 6pm - 8pm

All girls have the opportunity to earn awards and participate in leadership development appropriate to their age in smaller groups:

Girls' Brigade empowers girls and young women to be themselves, to develop and use their gifts and skills, and to discover what it means to have life to the full in their generation. Our weekly program includes a wide range of activities that supports the spiritual, physical, and emotional growth of girls and is committed to the values of:

- Living: We live our lives with God at the centre. Our relationships are centred on Him and rely on His word and direction.

- Community: We promote a sense of Community and belonging within Companies

- Partnering: We partner with churches to reach local communities with the good news of Jesus Christ

- Uniqueness: We accept the uniqueness of each girl & leader, using our individual talents to serve others as we grow

- Safety: We require safety for all girls and leaders

- Fun: We have fun in everything we do!

We would love to welcome you to Girls' Brigade soon.

Before attending Girls' Brigade, all participants including children and adults MUST complete an online enrolment form here, and must check-in every week.


Emmanuel Boys' Brigade

Boys' Brigade provides Fun, Challenge and Adventure for boys aged 5-18 years

We meet Wednesday nights during school terms at Emmanuel Uniting Church

5-7 years (Anchors) 6:30pm-8pm

8-11 years (Juniors) 6:30pm-8pm

12-18 years (Seniors) 6:30pm-8:30pm

We offer a weekly program that challenges Boys spiritually, physically, socially, and educationally. Our focus is on friendships, leadership, the self-discipline needed to achieve excellence, and understanding the Christian faith. All Boys have the opportunity to earn awards, badges, and participate in leadership training, working towards their Queen's badge (the highest award a boy can receive).

Our company also participates in other activities such as camping and inter-company competitions.

We would love to welcome you to Boys' Brigade soon.

Before attending Boys' Brigade, all participants including children and adults MUST complete an online enrolment form here, and must check-in every week.


Emmanuel Sunday School

Sunday School runs during school terms within our 9:30am Sunday Service and provides a time where children can share in fun, faith, friendships, and learn about Jesus.

Our leaders provide a range of varying experiences to help children draw closer to God through music, bible teaching, prayer, games, and creative activities. All our leaders are screened and trained and will love your kids almost as much as you do.

All children aged 3 - 12 are welcome and meet as one group in the Church Hall. A range of activities including games, craft, challenges, and small group time are provided to enhance age- and developmental- appropriate learning and connection for all.

Children will start each service in the church auditorium with the congregation for songs, prayers, videos, communion, and announcements and will move to the hall with their leaders when advised. In 2023 we will continue to follow the same readings and themes as Sunday Worship, learning more about the heart of God, and how to follow him.

To enhance child learning and discipleship, weekly Dig In @ Home materials are available at www.emmanueluca.org.au/dig-in-at-home, and we encourage you to connect with and talk about life and faith with your children during the week.

We look forward to "digging in' and connecting with your family soon.

Before you or your family attend Sunday School you MUST complete an online enrolment form here

We are also still encouraging households to continue with Faith at Home practices whether they attend weekly Worship and Sunday School or not. Dig in at Home resources that match and complement worship and Sunday School are available at www.emmanueluca.org.au/dig-in-at-home


Community Helping Hand

Community Helping Hand is one way we can connect with our local Community by offering Help, using our Hands and Hearts.

What we offer is not fancy gourmet food, but basic things: baked beans, rice, noodles, milk, tea bags, toothpaste, etc.


THURSDAY 9am - 12 noon only.

This is an emergency service only.

Due to the current Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic Community Helping Hand has had to reduce it's service hours and had to put other guidelines in place to try and keep everyone safe. We ask that if you are unwell that you do not come for a face to face consultation and call and we will try to deliver to you if we can. (this is will depend on volunteer capacity)


Youth Discipleship

Youth Discipleship is a collection of young people who are connected to each other, the church, and God. Journeying together as the church these young people care for one another and are so excited by God working in their lives and being part of this community, that they invite others to join too.

We meet fortnightly on a Sunday from 5-7pm at the Church to share a meal, read the bible and hang out.

All participants and leaders must complete an enrollment form before attending.

For further information about participating or leading Youth Discipleship please contact our office.


Explore Groups

An Explore Group is an intentional gathering of people who meet to study the bible and apply it to their daily lives and to pray for and support each other. As expressed in Acts 2:42 – 47, Explore Groups meet to develop authentic Christian Community. Explore Groups meet weekly or fortnightly.

Each Explore Group is unique. Each group will have a time of bible study and discussion, where the passage being studied is understood and applied in our contemporary setting. In addition there will be a time of prayer. There may also be times of sharing and eating. Each Explore Group works out together how they will spend their time.

Due to the current Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic our Explore groups are meeting both face to face and in online modes to keep connected during this time.

If would like to join one of these Explore Groups and would like to know more information please contact the church office and we will get the group leader to give you a call.

Current Explore Groups


2nd & 4th Mon 9:30am


Tues 9:45am

Wednesday Morning

Wed 9:15am

Bunnies Explore Group

Tues 7:00pm

Wednesday Wonderers

Fortnightly Thurs 7:00pm

Thursday Thinkers

2nd & 4th Thurs 7pm

Women’s Bible Study

Mon 12.45pm

If none of these times suit please also contact us there may be other like minded people and we can start a new group.


Uniting Early Learning Enoggera

Uniting Early Learning Enoggera is a small and nurturing child care and kindergarten with mixed age, family style groupings of 2-5-year-olds. We accommodate up to 27 children daily at our Enoggera centre on the north side of Brisbane.

Our diverse team of experienced and qualified educators are dedicated to giving children the best educational start in life. They provide an inclusive, play-based, nature-based environment; encourage a sense of wonder and adventure; and create an understanding of lived Christian values. Here, children learn the meaning of love, forgiveness, respect, service to others, equality, inclusiveness, and care for the environment – ideals, important to healthy friendships, families, and society.

The centre was established in 1974 by the Uniting Church as one of our important outreach services, working to support our local Enoggera community and meet its increasing childcare and early childhood education needs. It remains one of the ways that we connect with and care for families in our community.


Ministry Team

Brian Hoole


0435 242 000



Jessica Pinkerton

Families Pastor

0438 168 706



Nathan Robertson

Church Council Chair - Executive



92 Laurel St, Enoggera QLD 4051, Australia

Best parking is via Laurel Street where there is some off street parking. Also the sight is wheelchair friendly (ramp access and suitable toilets etc.) If you are looking to hire our facilities for your next event please contact the church office via office@emmanueluca.org.au and Helen will be able to assist you with this.

Sunday, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Sunday, 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM