Sunday September 9th - Luke 10:38-42

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9 September, 2018Rev Ian WeaverDigIn

Jesus visits Mary & Martha

What are your first thoughts as you read/hear this passage? Do you take one “side” or the other? Which one?

Why might Martha have been so concerned with the preparations? When is it right to concentrate on preparations? How easy do you find it to waste time, as it were, just listening to Jesus?

Why might Mary have been so avidly attentive to the words of Jesus? How do you “sit at the lord’s feet”? How do you make sure the necessary things still get done?

What else do we know about Mary & Martha (& Lazarus)? What picture do we get of the relationship between Jesus and this family? 

Is Jesus a friend to your family? How might you nurture that?

What do you think is meant by the phrase “opened her home to him”? How might that be different in Middle Eastern culture to say, Australian culture? Who do you naturally open your home to? What would it take to open your home to someone who wasn’t a family member?

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