Sunday March 3rd - 1 Samuel 3

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3 March, 2019Dom Chan

God speaks to Samuel 

This is an exciting albeit hair-raising section of the bible. I recommend reading the first couple of chapters to get your bearings (but a good read of Joshua, Judges & Ruth will also help set the scene). It’s worth bearing in mind that whatever happens with Samuel is meant only to be a precursor to the big news of King David who is himself a precursor and archetype for the really big news of God’s Messiah . . . but that’s a little down the track!

What do you notice about the first verse? How is that similar or different to today? Why might there have been so little “hearing from God”? What do you make of Eli’s character? And in comparison with Hannah? (ref chapters 1&2) What is the author trying to demonstrate about character and God’s blessing? How does that sit with your understanding of blessing post-Jesus?

What does Samuel’s early character reveal? What does verse 7 imply? How pleased do you think Samuel was to receive that particular word from the Lord? How did he respond? Did that word come to pass? What comment is made of Samuel?

How does that make you feel about potentially hearing a word from the Lord? How should you approach it? Write down all your thoughts and questions and then compare with 1 Cor 14:1-5. How is that different or the same? How does that make you feel about receiving a word from the Lord? What do you think the Lord is saying? What are you going to do about it?

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