Sunday March 10th - 1 Samuel 5:1-5

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10 March, 2019Rev Ian Weaver

 An Idol Bows to God’s Ark

Who’s the most famous Philistine you’ve heard of? Does it surprise you that it’s another 12 chapters before you hear of him? So what is it about the Philistines that make them enemies with Israel? What clues does this passage give you?

What punishment follows?

What fundamental truth is being displayed throughout this whole period of settlement (Joshua & Judges) and this season leading into eventual Kingship in Israel? What is different between the Israelites and the other nations? (refer Isaiah 44:6-24, Exodus:20:3-4)

What convinced you that God is real? What do you say to those who don’t believe there is a God? (Or who believe in other gods?)What evidence can you give them? What difference does believing in God make to your life? How does following Jesus help? 

Are you still waiting for proof to believe in God (and Jesus)? What would it take?

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