Sunday December 2nd – John 20:19-31

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2 December, 2018Joy SalmondDigIn

Jesus appears to his disciples 

Why do you think it was important for Jesus to appear to His disciples after his resurrection? How do you think Jesus got in the room? There’s some considerable thought that this room was the same room that the Last Supper was held in – what significance might there be in this?

How would you feel if Jesus appeared before you? What level of importance would you place on it? How would you know it was him? What would convince you? Why do you think Thomas would not believe what the other disciples were telling him? How does Jesus treat Thomas?

What sense of the discipleship process do you get from this passage? What are the important elements of the story that should always get passed on? (ref vv21-23, 29, 31) How do you feel about your role in forgiveness?

How does believing that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God bring you life? How would you explain that to someone who doesn’t yet believe in Jesus? In what sense is Jesus present when believers meet together? How might that help someone who doesn’t yet believe in Jesus?

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