Pentecost - 31 May 2020

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31 May, 2020Rev David BakerPentecost


It’s Happening! 

An upbeat rhythmic chorus, most 

effective if everyone in the congregation 

has a copy of the words and read as 

two alternating groups, the words 

bouncing quickly from one side to the 

other, like a crowd chanting back and 

forth, raising the sense of bewilderment 

and excitement that comes with the 

Pentecost experience. 


Group A: It’s happening! Group B: It’s here today! 

Group A: This must be it! Group B: Just like he said! 

Group A: It sounds like the wind! Group B: It looks like fire! 

Group A: It’s in the air! Group B: It’s round your head! 

Group A: It comes from where? Group B: It comes from God! 

Group A: How did it start? Group B: Nobody knows! 

Group A: What will it do? Group B: It breathes new life! 

Group A: The spirit comes! Group B: The spirit blows! 

Group A: It feels like power! Group B: It feels like love! 

Group A: It feels like hope! Group B: It feels like grace! 

Group A: It’s in my heart! Group B: It’s in my soul! 

Group A: It’s in this hour! Group B: It’s in this place! 

Group A: What does it mean? Group B: What do you hear? 

Group A: I’ve found my tongue! Group B: I’m bold to speak! 

Group A: Are you from Rome? Group B: No, I’m a Jew! 

Group A: What gibberish! Group B: That’s perfect Greek! 

Group A: What’s going on? Group B: How can this be? 

Group A: They’re full of fire! Group B: They’re full of wine! 

Group A: We will dream dreams! Group B: See visions clear! 

Group A: The prophet’s right! Group B: This is a sign! 

Group A: Like wind and fire! Group B: Like kiss of life! 

Group A: The promised power! Group B: From heaven above! 

Group A: The spirit’s here! Group B: She’s come to stay! 

Group A: A seal of grace! Group B: A sign of love! 


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Acts 2:1-21 

Today we celebrate Pentecost – the time when we remember and celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit on the disciples in Acts 2. Before Jesus ascended into heaven, he promised that this would happen, and there was much celebrating when it finally did. With the gift of the Holy Spirit, all of Jesus’ disciples then and now, are equipped to live and preach the gospel. 


  • Pentecost is seen as the church’s birthday. Why do you think that is? 
  • How do you understand the ‘miracle’ that everyone could understand what was said in their own language  
  • Pentecost is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Do you believe the Holy Spirit still operates today? 
  • Do you think you have you experienced the Holy Spirit. What does that look like?


Pentecost Prayer 

God of the Spirit, 

when we are feeling fragile and frightened, 

bewildered and confused, 

in places that are unfamiliar to us, 

send your Spirit into our hearts, 

so that we may know 

peace and hope today. 

God of the Spirit, 

when we are overwhelmed with joy, 

and carried away with our enthusiasm, 

when we believe that 

all things are possible, 

send your Spirit into our hearts 

so that we might make wise choices 

for your kingdom. 

God of the Spirit, 

when we begin to recognise 

that our church is bigger 

than our congregation, 

that your kingdom expands beyond 

the limits of our town and city, 

send your Spirit into our hearts 

that we might work in unity 

with all God’s people. 

God of the Spirit, 

when the world sees the church in action, 

and is astounded by our ability 

to serve with a smile, 

or when those doubters and confounders 

of God’s holy truth 

are confronted with our holy joy, 

send your Spirit into all our hearts 

and make all things new. 


Material adapted from Spill the Beans, Issue 7 © 2013 Spill the Beans Resource Team 

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