Good Friday - 2 April

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2 April, 2021Easter

Good Friday service – 2 April 2021 - Order of service with Full script, order and images 


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Welcome and Intro - Brian 

The service today is based on the Stations of The Cross - a devotion that was developed in the Middle Ages by the Franciscans as a way of allowing people who could not travel to the Holy Land to walk where Christ walked on the day of his passion. By the end of the 17th century many churches had stations, or stops, ranged at intervals along their walls - each with a cross and under that cross a representation of an event in the passion narrative. The Stations were revised in 2005 so that all of the stations are based in Scripture.  

For each station there will be a reading from Scripture, a visual that you will see on the screen, a reflection and for some stations there will also be a tactile element – these are in the plastic bag and we will tell you what pieces to pull out when. these pieces are yours to take home to continue your reflection over this Easter weekend. 

The service will be quiet and reflective, and we invite you to completely immerse yourself into the experience. Each station will end with a prayer that we invite you to join and say all together. 

Please refer the attached PDF for the rest of service.

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