28 January - Luke 1:26-38

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28 January, 2018Rev Ian WeaverDigIn

An Angel Announces Jesus’ Birth (Luke 1:26-38; Matthew 1:18-25)

Do you like surprises? Name your favourite surprise? Has there ever been a time when have you been so surprised that you were troubled down to the deepest core of your being?

What were the implications of Mary’s surprise pregnancy: for an unmarried, young, first-century, middle-eastern mother; for a non-biological, first-century, middle-eastern father; for the child to come; about angels; about God?

Why do you think God chose that family? What do you make of the connections between John the Baptist’s family (Elizabeth & Zechariah – Luke 1:5-25) and Jesus’ family?

Why do you think God chose to become human for that one life-time? What experiences as a human do you think you share with Jesus? When you think of God what do you picture? Where is He? How do you relate to Him?

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