18 February - Matthew 2:1-18

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18 February, 2018Rev Ian WeaverDigIn

Wise Men worship King Jesus

Do you know what your star-sign is? As you grew up, and over the years since then, what has been your opinion of astrology? What do you make of the Magi seeing the star of Jesus rise and following it all the way to Jerusalem and Bethlehem? Can you think of anything else in scripture that suggests signs will come from the heavens? How do you think God usually wants us to know his will?

Why was King Herod so disturbed?

Have you ever had a dream in which God spoke to you? How do you know if it was really Him?What store do you put in dreams generally? How might a dream from God be different? How many dreams can you think of in scripture when God spoke to people? What was their content and what resulted in response to those dreams?

How is Jesus’ family like other families who are refugees? How is it different? How willing would you have been to return to Israel? Why do you think Joseph was convinced it was safe enough?

Are you prepared to “go” or “stay” when God tells you to? How will you know it’s right?

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