17 November - Acts 20:7-12

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17 November, 2019Barry JardineDigIn

Eutychus is raised from the dead.

Here’s what happens…… 

God performed an amazing miracle through Paul. A young man named Eutychus, fell asleep during a particularly long “sermon” from Paul and fell to his death from a 3rd Floor window. Paul rushed outside, threw his arms around Eutychus and he was miraculously brought back to life. Do we continue to witness miracles in this day and age?

Talk About…

  • What’s one of the funniest things you’ve ever seen happen in church?
  • What did Paul and the believers in Troas share prior to his extra-long preaching stint? (NB: Verse 7). Has the modern church “lost” something which those early Christians had?
  • Why may Eutychus have become weary (other than Paul’s long-windedness!!).
  • How can you be sure that Eutychus was really dead when he fell to the ground? Does Luke’s presence, occupation and writings give you any clue?
  • Paul threw his arms around Eutychus and was able to proclaim, “He’s alive”. What other “miracles” can you recall which Paul, or the other apostles carried out? From whom, or where, did they get the power? Is it available to us?
  • Today’s video concludes with the words “Do you think God has anything amazing in store for me?” How can we know whether or not God has something amazing in store for us?
  • Tell about a time you felt like God wanted you to do something amazing, and you didn’t know why. Did you do it and, if so, how did it work out?

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6th October - Matthew 26:36-46

6 October, 2019 Rev Glenn Mulcahy

Jesus Commits to God’s Will

Here’s what happens…

Jesus knows he’s about to be arrested and killed. He goes to a garden to pray. He asks that God would take this cup of suffering away from him but prays, “I want your will to be done, not mine.”

Talk About This…

• When have you seen good come out of doing hard things?

• What emotions do you think Jesus felt in Gethsemane?

• What does he ask of the disciples? What does he ask of God?

• What is God’s will (v39 & 42)? What model for our prayers does Jesus give here?

• What do you appreciate about Jesus most in this passage?

• What’s something you have to do in the next week that you don’t want to do?

• How can Jesus help you? Who can keep you accountable during hard times?

Do you have a place to pray at home (your own Gethsemane)?

Jesus went to the garden to pray about the hard thing he had to do. You might like to set up your own prayer spot at home…

• Find a quiet place for a prayer spot, it could be inside or outside.

• Make it a bit private by adding a screen, or blanket or some other sort of wall.

• If you like, add real or fake flowers or plants to make it feel like a garden.

• Whenever you (or someone in your family) has to do something they don’t want to do, or anytime you choose, use the prayer spot to pray, pouring out your heart to God, and asking him for help.

• Jesus also took his friends with him to the garden; consider getting together in your prayer spot with others to pray.


23 June - Matthew 7:7-29

23 June, 2019 Barry Jardine

Jesus Teaches Us to Live Differently

Here’s what happens…

Jesus has preached a sermon known as “The Sermon on the Mount.” where he talked about living differently than people expect by loving our enemies, giving privately, not worrying, not judging others, and, today, presents us with some real choices.

- If you could build your dream home, what would it look like? Where would it be? What would be unique about it?

- Jesus presents us with a number of choices in this passage – the broad or narrow gate; to build on the rock or on the sand. What are the major choices you are currently facing in your life? How are you going to decide which to take?

- As Christians, we are expected to live differently – how easy is that in today’s modern society? Can you share some personal examples of how you may have tried this, and……. how has it turned out for you?

- Matthew 7:12 contains what we know as “the golden rule” – “do unto others…”. Should this just be a natural way for us to live or, in today’s society, is it more difficult to live like this. If so why?

- Matthew 7: 7-11 encourages us to pray – ask; seek and knock. When did asking, seeking and knocking pay off for you? When didn’t it? What did you learn in each situation? What hint does Jesus give us which suggests that we should confidently expect God to hear and answer our prayers?

- What’s one thing that’s different about you because you love Jesus?


9 June - Acts 2:1-41

9 June, 2019 Jessica Pinkerton

Pentecost and the Gift of the Holy Spirit

Here’s what happens…

The disciples were obeying Jesus’ instructions and were staying in Jerusalem. It had been 10 days since Jesus had ascended (went back up) to heaven, and on this day Jews that had travelled from many different countries were gathered in Jerusalem to celebrate Pentecost, the harvest festival. This special feast was a time when God’s people brought gifts as offerings to God (see Leviticus 23:15-21). While the disciples were together, a sound like a violent blowing wind, came and filled the house, and what looked like tongues of fire, rested above their heads. The people were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in different languages which amazed everyone. Peter addressed the bewildered crowd, explaining that the coming of the Holy Spirit had been prophesied by Joel, and was the fulfilment of Jesus words too.

- If you had been with the believers on this day, what do you think you would have seen, heard and felt? Do you think your reaction would have been more like that of the people in verse 12 or verse 13?

- What happened to the believers on the Day of Pentecost? And everyone else?

- What do you think is the point that Peter wants the people to understand about the current events (verse 13, 17 & 18)?

- What response is Peter urging the new believers to take (verse 38)? Have you made that response before? Would you like to make it today?

- Have you ever experienced an empowering from the Lord to witness about Christ? Explain what it was like.

- What do you think this passage saying to you in your current circumstances? What are you going to do about it?