Guidance and healing

Submitted by Helen Smith on 15 May, 2020

I pray for continued guidance for those in power as restrictions begin to be lifted. Pray for us all to keep safety in mind as restrictions are lifted and that we don't let fear control us but let us be guided by God and love as we start to look at what new normal looks like through the different stages of restrictions.

Teachers and Essential Workers

Submitted by Helen Smith on 30 March, 2020

Dear Lord

May your grace and protection be upon those who are working on the front lines at the moment. Protect them and give them a sense that you are going before them. Please provide them with the equipment that they need in order to be protected and let them know that they are loved and valued. Amen


Submitted by Jess on 24 March, 2020

Lord, I pray that you will continue to be with those who are isolated. I pray that they will know and feel your presence, and they will be comforted by you.

Bush Fires and Droughts

Submitted by Anon on 23 December, 2019

Please pray for the bush fire victims and the fire fighters. Please pray that we have life giving rain but that it comes in a safe way so that we don't flood.

For Tiny Town and their new Director. For rest as they prepare for a new year and new beginnings.

For families doing it tough this Christmas especially those affected by fire and drought.

Brigade members going on National camps over the school holidays.

For our new minister and his family. That when he starts in February God's will, will be done.



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