Newsletter 24 May

From the Families Pastor

As restrictions start to ease we are looking at how and when we can return to face to face ministry at Emmanuel but we are not ready just yet. We have and will continue to providing sermon and Dig in at Home materials and resources to equip, encourage, and engage families in Faith at Home. We pray that these have been helpful and would love to know and see how you are using them.

Due to copyright issues, we need to make the Dig in at Home materials available only to our Emmanuel Families and so need to change slightly how they are accessed. They will be in the same place at but will only be accessible by logging in to your account on our website or app. Accounts have been created for all Sunday School families who should have received an email with the log-in details for these this week. If you have not received this and would like to access these materials, please contact Jess on or 0438 168 706.

Also, to provide an extra level of face-to-face participation and community engagement for our Sunday School families, we are going to host an online Dig in @ Home session using ‘Zoom’ to connect children and families of our congregation with each other, and with our regular Sunday School leaders and helpers. This session will be held on Sunday 31 May at 10am.

Information about this has also been sent to families this week. If you did not get it, please contact Jess.

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Newsletter 17 May

Greetings everyone,

Last week the Queensland government announced its road map to easing Queensland restrictions. As a church our strongest desire is to build and maintain community and so we remain committed to supporting people through our small group network as the base for our pastoral care and discipleship support. This will continue to be our emphasis as we move forward. Stage 1 commences this Sunday. Under stage 1 and 2 we will continue to record and offer worship resources through our web page, our app and [YouTube]( (by the way if you haven’t yet please think about subscribing to our YouTube channel). Under stage 1 the church will still be closed and you are allowed to have up to 5 visitors to your home. Can I encourage you to think about inviting a friend or two to come over and share the worship material together. If you want to be really daring invite some friends and neighbours who are not church -goers to come to your home to share. Get together with a couple of friends and worship. It is important that people stay safe, and if you are concerned you do not have to but please do think about it. This phase will continue until the government changes. If things go well then we will move to stage 2. The earliest date for stage 2 is 12 June Stage 2 will involve up to 20 people gathering together. Our encouragement is for people to gather in their small groups for stage 2. Each group can work out which home is most suitable and the distancing and hygiene requirements must be met. Now is the time to start planning. For people not in a group Claire and I will be opening our home to host some people. Stage 2 will continue for at least four weeks, so I will come with a further update before then. For now thank you for your ongoing support, continue with your spiritual practices and stay safe


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