3 December Newsletter

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30 November, 2017

Welcome to everyone worshipping with us this week at Emmanuel or reading this at home or online somewhere! We’re aiming to be Real People with Relevant Faith for Our Community. Please read more information inside or on the website or app to see how you can be part of what God is doing amongst us.

Last weekend, worship “went off”! It was fantastic and was a highlight of the visit from the Boys Brigade of Noro, Solomon Islands. For some it was their first experience of paper planes in church or “follow the leader” as we explored what it means to be “yoked” to Jesus and let him teach us how to be disciples. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the visit and made it an outstanding success in which not only did the Noro boys and our own congregation benefit but also folk outside our community learnt something about us and the faith we share.

I have some exciting news about the services after Christmas. As has been the pattern recently, we will be having a combined service at 9:30am on Sundays 31st December, 7th, 14th & 21st January.

These services will be held down at the brand new (and air-conditioned) Enoggera Performing Arts Centre which is part of our neighbouring Enoggera State School. (That means there will be no services held at the church during this period).

We’re doing this for two main reasons:

1. The school is wishing to somehow express their gratitude for our long years of service providing them with an Assembly Hall and this seemed a relatively easy and tangible way to receive that.

2. We are wishing to increasingly become a church with mission always on our hearts (as it is God’s) and demonstrated by finding ways to take our faith out into other communities. This can be a physical (albeit temporary) sign for us of our spiritual goal and help us shape our thinking and practise for the coming year.

It will feel a little unfamiliar, and the parking will be a bit more complicated, (although there is plenty of street-parking for our older members) but actually this will be good as we begin to feel what it is like to be Local Missionaries.

And as a further part of our missional intentionality, I initiated and Church Council has decided to cancel Sunday evening services for the foreseeable future in order to give space and energy to a new venture. From February 2018, on Tuesday evenings we will be forming a Missional Community with the purpose of participating in and running the Alpha course. I have invited all the current attendees at the 6pm service and the Young Adult Explore Group to see this as their new & primary place of belonging & mission at Emmanuel.

The Alpha Community will share food, fellowship, a talk and discussion each Tuesday night and are looking for others to join them get trained and participate in running the course and follow-up programs. Have you ever wished you’d done Alpha? Did you do it this year and would love to do it again? Have you ever wished to find a relatively easy mission field? The Alpha community is for you! Are you looking to find a way to belong at Emmanuel – The Alpha Community is for you! And especially, if you’d like to find out what Christianity is all about – The Alpha Community is for you!

God bless, Ian.