25 February Newsletter

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22 February, 2018

Welcome to everyone worshipping with us today at Emmanuel and to those reading this online. And a special welcome to all those staff, leaders, helpers, children and parents/caregivers from Tiny Town and Playgroup – it’s great to have you here!

Over the last few weeks we’ve been “digging-in to Jesus” to find out what the bible actually says about him. And we’ve been discovering, amongst other things, that the gospel writers always put Jesus, “front & centre”, as it were. The historical accounts we’ll be looking at today and next week are no exception. The bible always points to Jesus.

So the primary questions to ask when reading any passage from the bible are:

1. What does this section say about God/Jesus?

2. What does it say about people?

3. What might it have meant for the original readers?

4. What does it mean for me?

I don’t know if you’ve ever thought of Playgroup and Tiny Town (and any of our ministries, yourself included) as being something like the scriptures. We are all meant to point towards Jesus. For many people, the first contact they make with Jesus will be through us and our ministries.

That puts the onus on all of us to shape our thoughts, words and actions in ways which honestly reflect God at work in our lives. Wow – that’s a heavy deal!

But here’s the thing – God knows! God knows where we’re at in following Jesus. Some of us haven’t really started, some of us have been following Jesus for years, some of us have been coming to church for years and are just starting to engage with what it means to be a disciple (someone who follows and learns from another person).

And amazingly, even knowing us, Jesus gave us the time-worn and tested method of learning from one disciple and passing it on to another – we are to be disciples who make disciples who make disciples . . . we learn from a living example and become an example to others. Not perfect often (!) but gradually orienting our lives more and more to Jesus.

Not sure where to start? Come and do Alpha which is starting on Tuesday, 27th March at 6:30pm. It’s for everyone who wants to know more about Jesus. I and others will be there to answer the trickiest and simplest questions you have and we’d love you to join us!

God bless,Ian.