23 September Newsletter

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20 September, 2018

Welcome to everyone reading this Newsletter. It’s great to be part of Emmanuel and we’re glad that you are part of our “extended family on mission” too!

We’ve just had another really good hard rubbish collection experience! We got rid of heaps of stuff and almost all of it was taken by people putting it to good use. AND we got to recycle a piece of furniture from someone else’s pile which we’re now putting to good use too.

Did you know there are other forms of recycling which can help in our outreach to others?

Our most precious commodity (some would say) is time and the use of our time is something we have to manage carefully. Sometimes people say to me, “I’d love to get involved in ministry/mission in some way but I have no spare time!” We’ve all been there.

But what if we were able to recycle time? “What?” I hear you say, “How can we use time again?” Well, maybe the phrase “upcycling” is more appropriate. Here’s what I mean:

There are loads of activities we do every day, every week, every month, even every year. We do them over and over and over again. And usually with the same people (or on our own).

But how can that work for mission and ministry? (I acknowledge that some people need time by themselves so you don’t have do this with every activity . . . ) If I’m going to the movies, I try to think of someone else who might like to come. If I’m going to watch the footy on TV (whatever code) maybe there’s someone else who can come around and watch it with me – or maybe go to the local pub and watch it with a bunch of different folks.

This one is my absolute favourite though. I eat meals two to three times a day (at least!) I’m always going to be eating seven days a week. That’s 14-21 opportunities to share a meal with someone: you don’t know very well; you’d like to get to know better; you need to talk through an issue with; get advice from; try a new cafe with; you get the idea. And here’s the thing – they’re going to need to be eating all those times too so it’s not like you’re wasting your time or theirs either!

It’s an easy way to extend the “family” – what if we each tried to find just one of those 21 opportunities each week to include someone else? Might we change our little bit of the world? Maybe . . . how many times do we read of Jesus sharing a meal . . . just saying . . .

God bless,  Ian.

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17 February 2019 Newsletter

Hello Everybody!

Emmanuel is a community filled with various expressions of Christian faith.

We have fellowship groups to encourage community and friendship in a Christ centred context, and Explore groups which exist to foster a passionate growth in Biblical literacy and faithful discipleship to Christ. We have worship lead out the front by people with gifts and talents in performing arts and communication, as well as technology focused individuals and the many who manage and share the responsibilities of the offering and the celebration of communion, working behind the scenes. We have men and women who are the “front page” of our worship services as they warmly welcome all who enter into the building and those who faithfully serve morning tea as the services end. Emmanuel is a faith community that ministers to children and youth through our Sunday School, Brigades, and Youth Band and shows Christs love to our community through Tiny Town, our dedication to community helping hand and our continued support of Enoggera State School.

As we launch into the new year as a church family, we’ve decided to take time in each of the services until March 3rd to commission our leaders of the groups we have a Emmanuel. Each of these groups listed as well as more that goes on through our expression of faith to our community is ministry and it is helpful to remember that it is both a privilege and a responsibility. Thankfully, as we partner with God in His ministry we have the honour of receiving the Holy Spirit who we work alongside as we minister to people in our various capacities. While we recognise our groups we’d also like to recognise that our faith need not only be expressed in the church building but also in our homes and into the rest of our lives. We recognise that there are many whose expressions of faith are most clearly seen in their relationships and one on one conversations with people.

As we commission our various ministries throughout February, and recognise the amazing things that God is doing through the people who make Emmanuel we, the ministry team, would like to say thank you. Thank you for being a community of Christ. I look forward to seeing what the year has in store as we continue to learn to discern where God is leading us.

Grace and Peace

Dominic Chan


3 February 2019 Newsletter

Hello to everyone reading this in person and online. It’s great to have you with us whether you are a regular or a newcomer.

I hope and pray that you and your families have managed to have a time of rest over January. As staff, Ian, Dom, Helen and I have had time off which has refreshed and renewed us for the year ahead. It’s good to have and keep a rhythm of working from rest, rather than resting from work.

Unfortunately, Ian will be out of action for another few weeks as he follows doctors’ orders and continues to rest and recover after his heart attack. While he loves us, he’d appreciate not having visitors just yet, but would appreciate your prayers for; patience during slow recovery, determination for new diet and exercise regime and, to live in joy (and not let the thief steal it away). In his absence, Dom, Helen and I will try to keep things running as usual.

This week we are back to Emmanuel for regular Sunday programming after enjoying the last five weeks in the airconditioned comfort of the school. Again, we are so thankful to the school for their continued support and use of their facilities including the EPAC and pool. During January the office space was also renovated with new carpet, a coat of paint and a refurbished kitchen. Thank you for your patience during the process, and especially to everyone that helped move furniture out and back in. The space is looking and feeling great, but we still have a few things to rearrange and sort so we ask for your continued patience during this time.

After digging into the Life of Jesus last year, in 2019 we will continue in our mission to grow disciples and Dig into Discipleship. Again, the whole congregation will follow along across 8am, 9:30 am worship and Sunday school which helps to facilitate conversations and targeted learning during the week in explore groups and homes. We’ll continue to provide the Dig in at Home resource and follow up questions on the App and website.

As we Dig into Discipleship, we will explore the Heart of God/Jesus, and as we learn more about him, learn how to live more like him. I’ve been reading a book “Building a Discipling Culture” by Mike Breen, and have been reminded that disciples aren’t accidentally made, but that discipleship is an intentional pursuit (2016, 17). Breen also says (2016, 37) that “Success is obedience to what the Father asks” and so if by the end of this year we see and hear of more people listening and responding to God’s call then we will have succeeded. One way that we do this is by asking “What do I think God is saying to me?”, and “What am I going to do about it?”.

I’m excited that I’ve already seen people doing this, and seeking out trusted people that they can observe, reflect, discuss and then plan, account and act on this. I invite you on this journey to follow us as we follow God, and to keep asking yourself “What do I think God is saying to me?” and “What am I going to do about it?”

God Bless,