21st February Newsletter

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19 February, 2021

Front and Centre

 2021 is panning out to be an exciting year in the Brigades. The pause that was forced upon us last year was a great chance to reflect upon the activities that we do and place a high emphasis on the activities that are important to achieving the aims and objectives of Brigade. I know that within BB, we have had numerous changes in the activities that we do over the years but the purpose behind the activities have not. This is the main reason that the movement has existed for so long.

Within our company it has been great to see the development of new leaders in the last few years. The most pleasing aspect is to see how they learn skills and can implement these practically through multiple areas of the program. This year we have seen significant changes in how the company operates, both in terms of people and structure.

This reminds me of Galatians 6:7 (parable of the sower) that tells us that we reap what we sow. While we are concentrating on sowing seeds, it is equally important to nurture the seeds that we have sown and that have had the pleasure to see germinate. Without any guidance and continual nourishment these germinations will shrivel and die off. This is a major factor as to why BB has been around for so long worldwide and a long-term program at Emmanuel. 

Noel Pinkerton

Boys' Brigade Company Captain

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7 March Newsletter

Front and Centre

Our Annual Stewardship Campaign commences this Monday 8 March and will run for two weeks culminating with Services on Sunday, 21st March. The Stewardship time is an important time to reflect. To reflect upon God’s goodness and and God’s provision and to ask the question how do we respond to that. That response is in terms of commitment to your relationship with God and the core spiritual practices of prayer and reflecting upon the word. Of asking ourselves the question what is God saying to me and saying to us as a community. Stewardship is also asking about where do we invest our time, our money and our talents. What am I going to invest into being a part of this church and the commitment that we have to grow disciples. As we are getting our heart and life in alignment with God’s purposes we also want to lead others on that same journey. As you reflect on your stewardship over the next few weeks how does this reflect your priorities. Matthew 6:24 reminds us we can not serve two masters. How does your commitment and giving reflect the master you serve.?

You will receive a letter and a card with ‘14 days of stewardship reflections’ to assist you with your devotions during this period as you consider your commitment and stewardship to Emmanuel over the next 12 months. During services on the 21st March you will be provided an opportunity to prayerfully make a pledge and these pledges will then be dedicated to God and his work through Emmanuel. I believe that Emmanuel is doing good things and that we can do even more with your support. Please consider carefully and prayerfully how you respond to this call.

Please consider the following statements:

- I give to Emmanuel because I believe that I am called, willing and able to financially support God’s vision for Emmanuel.

- I am committed to Emmanuel and its purpose to grow disciples who Exalt, Explore, Embody and Engage.

Brian Hoole

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28th February Newsletter

Front and Centre

As we continue in the season of Lent it is worth reflecting on what Lent is about. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, Lent is a season of reflection and preparation before the celebrations of Easter. The Season of Lent commences with Ash Wednesday which this year began last week. By observing the 40 days of Lent, Christians replicate Jesus Christ's sacrifice and withdrawal into the desert for 40 days. Lent is marked by fasting, both from food and festivities. The intent is that we focus away from ourselves and focus more intently upon God. So the challenge for each of us is what can we do to help us focus more upon God and our relationship with him. Here are some suggestions. If you have never done it start doing a daily devotion, even better do it with someone else, your husband or wife, a friend. Emmanuel provides a number of options because we believe this is important. I share a daily devotion everyday on our facebook and youtube page. We have a Lenten study with a daily bible reading and devotion. That will be attached to this week’s newsletter again. I can personally recommend the Lectio365 app (for iphone or Android) on which our daily devotions are based. Can I encourage you if you do not do so already to try and commit to a daily devotional through Lent running up to Easter. One of the really important things as we seek to develop real life disciples is developing a rhythm in our life that draws us closer to God. More on this next week but for now taste and see what a daily devotion may look like for you. It will draw you closer to God.

Brian Hoole


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14th February Newsletter

Front and Centre

The church year is made up of a number of seasons and these seasons help give a rhythm to our Christian life. The Church year begins in late November with Advent which runs for four weeks leading into Christmas. Christmas lasts 12 days and leads to Epiphany which varies in length each year to accommodate Lent and Easter. Lent leads us into Easter which lasts 6 weeks and concludes with Pentecost. The post Pentecost season is known as ordinary time and takes us through to the end of the church year when we begin Advent again.

Next week marks the beginning of Lent with the celebration, or memorial of Ash Wednesday. Lent is a time of reflection, denial and preparation leading up to Easter. Though we are not particularly emphasising Lent we will be picking it up in our daily devotion and providing people with a daily bible reading plan to help people reflect during the Lenten season. After Easter we will be starting a whole of church study. For now the daily plan will help people focus upon discipleship and how to be a part of our journey as a church to grow disciples who grow disciples.

The material from the daily plan (see attached pdf) can be done as a daily devotional and the reflection questions, though the same each day, help us focus on how we allow God’s word to influence our Christian living. The Sunday readings are the ones we will be using each Sunday if bible study groups would like to focus on those.



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