11 February Newsletter

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8 February, 2018

Welcome to everyone reading this article today either at church, at home or online.

I have been enjoying getting into a little more of the “nitty-gritty” of the birth narratives (stories) of Jesus. (By the way, when I use the word “story” I mean that in a technical/literary sense. I believe the stories of Jesus to be true & accurate narrative accounts of the events as presented!) I apologise for shattering some long and dearly held images about animals and stables and the like!

But we’re getting to the detail of who Jesus really was and is – and that’s the point – if you’re going to follow someone (dedicate your whole life to), it’s important you know exactly who he is. It’s also been fun watching some videos as we parallel the learning in Sunday School with our own. I’m pretty sure some dads must have authored those videos . . .

Over the next few weeks we will be commissioning some of our leaders in our “Flagship Ministries” and this week it’s the turn of the Brigades. We are very fortunate to have these excellent ministries serving our church. Ours is widely recognised as having one of the best relationships with the auspicing local church. From my own (albeit limited) experience I can say I am super-impressed by the commitment to discipleship that our leaders provide in an amazingly fun and adventurous environment. Excellent role-modelling, attention to devotional life and especially an active openness to new members. If you are of primary or secondary age in our church and have not yet experienced the brigades – you are missing out!

And as all the rest of our ministries begin rolling out for the year – let’s commit all of them to our prayers, both privately and as we gather together for corporate worship. Everybody who serves our church in some way will need us to pray for them. And also to take the opportunities, when they arise, to encourage and affirm. Wouldn’t it be great if our church was known to be the most encouraging community in Enoggera – or even further!

A big thank you to everyone who helps around the church but I want to make special mention of the Thursday boys – they have recommenced again and already are making a huge difference.

And watch out, over the coming weeks, for some new signage which church council approved last year to replace and enhance some of the tired ones. I haven’t got exact dates but certainly by Easter, folk will clearly know they have come to Emmanuel – and let’s keep praying they experience exactly that!

God bless, Ian.