20 August, 2021

22nd August Newsletter

Front and Centre

Welcome to Emmanuel UC this week. We hope you will take the time to join us, either online or in person and join with us in celebrating and praising an amazing God. As we look at our world we can see a world in turmoil. Turmoil from disease and pandemic. Turmoil from armed uprising and war, turmoil from natural disasters. It is clear that we live in a world full of turmoil, and on our own we can not fix it. And if we focus on the turmoil and the problem we can easily become overwhelmed. Rather than succumb to the turmoils of the world let me encourage you to focus on the blessings and points of thankfulness that you have. We can and do make a difference in the here and now where we are and as we celebrate a season of thanksgiving at church I hope this will overflow into the other parts of your life. Each of us have so much to be thankful for and we are asking you to be quite intentional about that over the next few weeks. If you haven’t yet please pick up or print out and daily practice a time or activity of thanksgiving. This week we have been encouraged to think of Jesus as the good shepherd and those who have shepherded and encouraged and mentored us through life. I am so thankful for the part played by significant people to make me who I am and I do give thanks for that. So many people, so many good memories, and good people who have stood by me in troubled times. I know I have much to be thankful for, and I do give thanks. What about you? Who are the people that you give thanks for and praise God for. And if they are still alive why don’t you let them know how thankful you are.



17 August, 2021

Thanksgiving 2021

Dear Friends,

It has been an amazing 18 months since Claire and I arrived at Emmanuel. In that time, we have seen bushfires and floods and then the massive impact of Covid-19 on all of our lives. I am sure that, throughout the course of this year, our lives and, particularly, our prayer lives, have been dominated by our petitions to God – quite understandably - our “God-shopping list” for so much that needs His intervention and fixing. I wonder, amongst all that has been going on, whether we have taken the time, in our conversations with God, to give Him thanks for all that He has done and is doing within our lives.

1Thessalonians 5:16-18 reminds us “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

So, I would encourage you to reflect upon all of the things for which you can be thankful for as you think of the events of the past year. Then, amongst all of the busyness and concerns of this year, we want to take time out to reflect, with thanks, on how God has heard and answered our prayers.

To help in this, can I please invite you to be part of our season of thanksgiving. Using the 23rd Psalm as a focus we will be seeking to give thanks to God in all circumstances and situations, in the green pastures, by the still waters and even in the darkest valleys we will know that God prepares a place for us at his table where our cup will overflow. There is a calendar attached to encourage you to reflect daily with either a reading, or an activity through which we can practice showing our gratitude toward God, others and ourselves. In addition, our sermons over the four Sundays will reflect using the 23rd Psalm to focus upon ways in which we express thankfulness to God.

Our season of Thanksgiving will end on Sunday 12nd September with our annual Thanksgiving Offering. On this day you are asked to make an additional monetary offering to express your gratitude toward God. Although you can do this by bringing your offering in a marked envelope on 12nd September, in these Covid-19 times, we would prefer that this be done by direct deposit. The church’s account details are BSB: 334 040 Account Number: 553 839 228 Account Name: UCA – Emmanuel Uniting Church Enoggera. Please include the reason for payment as “thanksgiving offering”.

Also, on 12 September we invite you to join us for a picnic so that we can gather as a church family following our morning worship services. Keep your eye out for further details. I pray that God will bless you spiritually, relationally, physically and emotionally as you practice being thankful during our season of Thanksgiving.

Your brother in Christ

Rev Brian Hoole

13 August, 2021

15th August Newsletter

Front and Centre

Intergenerational Worship, Relationship and Discipleship.

Hello from wherever you are reading this today.

Over the last year I have attended and been involved in several online Intergenerational Conferences and Huddles, with others working and volunteering in Uniting Churches and other denominations in Australia, New Zealand, UK, US and Canada. I have felt so blessed and encouraged by these experiences and am ‘thankful to covid’ for them as the cost and time required to attend them in person would usually have meant that I’d miss out.

Through these I have been able to learn from and share with others who have a heart for children, youth and families and are also working out how best to engage with, disciple and nurture them in faith. As I’ve listened and learned I’ve been able to put things into practice. Our Advent Video Challenge last year and aspects of our Easter and Pentecost Worship services, alongside other resources I’ve created and shared, have provided opportunities to implement and ‘test’ or ‘practice’ some of what I’ve learned.

In the most recent conference, I got to hear some of the leading practitioners and researchers in Intergenerational ministry share a bit of their heart and what they have learned over their many years of experience working in churches across children’s, youth, and adult ministries.

A common thread in their experiences is that “no one generation has all the answers and insights, and that we learn from each other and teach each other as we journey together in life and faith”. They stated things like “questioning is a sign of showing interest”, “every voice and generation should be invited to speak”, and that worship and discipleship “is a constant journey of inclusion”. I was so excited to hear these things and realised that we are further along a journey of intergenerational inclusion and community that I thought we were.

I also was excited to hear that “Intergenerational preaching is primarily an experimental experience” and remembered that when I have led you through such experiences, you have trusted and followed me. Thank you for being my allies and advocates here and for being willing to learn with me, as I continue to learn and practice too. My prayer is that everyone, of all ages and stages, feels like they are a valued part of our worshipping discipling community, and that what we do is more than just lead activities and provide resources, but model practices and develop skills that that help teach and guide and mentor our fellow travellers on this life and faith journey.

Thanks for journeying with me.

God Bless,


6 August, 2021

8th August Newsletter

Front and Centre

As we face another week where the church building is closed, it is worth reminding ourselves that the church is more than a building, because we, the people, are the church. The pandemic, and particularly this lockdown, provide us with challenges. It is more challenging for some than for others. I would like to encourage you to think about how we continue to be the church in this time. How do we support each other and encourage each other. We are certainly being confronted with some challenges but it also provides us with some opportunities. How do we live out our faith in such times? How do we disciple others in such times? One of the really important things is to stay connected to each other. I would like to encourage you to ring at least one other person from our church community, ask how they are going and pray together. If you need help and support let us know. You are not alone, and the government restrictions allow for people to provide food and other essentials to those in need.

As noted below we are providing opportunities this week to gather online for Sunday School (before worship) and for everyone (after worship) to have a chat and connect. Boys' and Girls' Brigade and Playgroup have also met online this week. At this time relationships are crucial. It is really important that people stay connected. Lifeline indicated that on Monday, they recorded their highest number of calls in 24 hours in their 58 year history, with over 3000 calls. Staying connected is just so important. Stay connected relationally but also stay connected spiritually. When you connect, take the time to ask people how their relationship with God is going. Take the time to share some scripture together. Pray together. The lockdown gives us a tremendous opportunity to spend time with God, and an opportunity I hope to slow down.

The number of meetings for many has reduced. We have more time at home. More time with our families or significant others. Try and see this as an opportunity rather than a challenge. How do you benefit from this time? How do you help and support others to benefit during this time? There is a well known quote carpe diem meaning ‘seize the day’. What are the opportunities that you will seize today? What are the things you can try?


Brian Hoole

16 July, 2021

18 July Newsletter

Front and Centre

During Term 2 I had the opportunity to work with the Worship Leaders and discuss prayer. One of the exercises we worked through and shared together was the paraphrasing of the Lord’s Prayer. I find intentional paraphrasing to be a helpful and fruitful exercise of comprehension and, in the case of the Lord’s Prayer, an excellent opportunity to reflect and meditate on the words that Jesus gave his disciples in response to the request “Lord, Teach us how to pray” (Luke 11).

A quick deconstruction of the prayer (as found in Matthew 6: 9 - 13) shows that we begin with the glorification of the name of God (as Jesse highlighted to us the other week). This is followed by the verse which reflects the heart’s desire for God’s will to be done. This, to me, is an incredibly important distinction in the prayer as it shows that as Christians we should strive to be in alignment with God as opposed to the other way around. Verse 11 shows the trust we place in God to provide our earthly needs and Verse 12 connects with our relational needs (specifically the repairing of relationships through forgiveness). Finally, verse 13 contains our need for God to rescue us from spiritual harm.

As we shared and listened to one another’s paraphrase of the Lord’s prayer I was encouraged by the different expressions of the same prayer. Through this exercise I was reminded that God gifts us in different ways and I was thankful that the gift that is the Lord’s Prayer was a means through which this truth was highlighted. Over the next few weeks I intend to share the paraphrases with the congregation (whether in the services or in the newsletter). I would encourage anyone who would like to contribute their own paraphrase to email me a copy at dom@emmanueluca.org.au Below is my paraphrase

God, who is above all creation.

Whose name is holy and sacred.

May the earth reflect heaven in its serving of you.

We pray that today we would have all we need to live,

That the brokenness of our relationships would be repaired

Both with you and those in our lives.

May we be protected from evil, and be your disciples for all eternity.

All the heavens and the earth are yours.

The one whose power and glory are above all else.

From the very beginning and throughout the ages.


Grace and Peace

Dom Chan

9 July, 2021

11 July Newsletter

Front and Centre

As we continue reflecting upon on relationships, we were reminded last week about the need to put our relationship with God first. When Jesus was asked what was the greatest commandment he replied ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ So how central is your relationship with God?

Like any relationship the more quality time we give to it the better it will be. Quality time does not just happen it takes intentionality and purpose (and of course time). How committed are you to your relationship with God and how is that reflected in the way that you live your life? Is there time to read scripture, to pray, to listen to God?

It is not enough to say we love God we need to reflect it in what we do and in how we shape our life around our values and priorities. In a culture which encourages busyness we need to invest into the things that are important. If you truly believe that your relationship with God is important then you will invest into it. Some people carve out intentional time, an hour sometimes more once a week. Some spend 30 minutes each day. Some go on a day retreat or walk once a month. Different rhythms work for different people but it is really important to develop a rhythm into all of the relationships that are important to us, including with God. There is also an overflow. As you invest in your relationship with God, you will find it has a flow on effect in your relationship with others. I John chapter 4 reminds us that God is love and that all love comes from God and is centred in God. It concludes saying how can you love God whom you cannot see if you do not love your neighbour whom you can.

Our love of God overflows into our love for others. As we focus on relationships our love of God, our relationship with God gives us the bedrock from which our love for others flow, so please do not neglect your relationship with God but prioritise your time with God and this will help put the rest of your life in perspective and balance.


Brian Hoole