4 September 2022 Emmanuel Events

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3 September, 2022

What's happening at Emmanuel

2 September Elders nominations begin

3 September Men's Breakfast 7am

3 September Eisteddfod Prize Winners Concert 6.30pm

18 September Elders Discernment concludes

23 October Congregational meeting


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2 October 2022 Emmanuel Events

Sunday 02 October 2022 -

Face to face Worship Services at 8:00am and 9:30am

9.30 All age Worship with No Sunday School this week

What's happening at Emmanuel

09 October The Story resumes

23 October Congregational meeting

05 November Men's Breakfast - Speaker Jesse Caulfield

Elder's Discernment and Election

Following our discernment process I am happy to announce that there are 6 people that have responded by agreeing to nominate. They are

-Lisa Caulfield -*Bronwyn Cox

-Sonya Cornwell -*Noel Pinkerton

-*Rosemary Costello -Amy Wakem

Those marked with an * are re-nominating. Please pray for wisdom as we discern who we will elect on 23 October. There are 5 vacancies to be filled. Information about the nominee will be available next week.


25 September 2022 Newsletter

Over the last 12 months the Church leadership have been wrestling with the question ‘God what next?’, or ‘God what are you calling us to?’. The previous 2-3 years has been a time of pruning and challenging times with leadership challenges followed by COVID. Through these times there has bene a firm belief that God is calling us into something and we need wisdom to discern the way forward. We have been drawn back to re-affirm our core values of

- Fervent Prayer We will always and in all seasons, pray, knowing that only God’s direction, in God’s time and in God’s way can we be the people God has called us to be.

- Healthy Relationships At our heart we are called to build and nourish healthy relationships with God, with each other and with our community.

- Christ-like Growth As disciples of Jesus we are called to become more and more like him, modelling our life on his.

- Transforming Worship We will creatively worship God with all that we are and all that we do, passionately seeking to find expression for people’s spiritual gifts to honor God and transforming people’s lives

- Intentional Outreach We believe that intentional outreach is a calling for all followers of Jesus. We will also seek to share the gospel out of genuine love with everyone we come into contact with in our everyday lives

For the last year we have focused on fervent prayer and healthy relationships knowing that discerning and following the Holy Spirit’s leading and building strong relationships with each other are the core of who we want to be. That we are called to be a relational church building strong relationships with each other and with God. Our four ‘e’s, exalt, explore, embody and engage, give us direction and focus as we try to do that. As Church Council met last week we started looking towards next year and what it will hold. It was very clear that we need to hold to and encourage our core values. That we want to be a church who grows disciples who grow disciples. It was also clear that now is the time to invest in that future and so you will hear a proposal in church tomorrow about future staffing for 2023 that focuses on how we encourage and grow our people, our families and our young people to become more like Jesus. To live out what God is calling us to. It will involve stepping out in faith and responding to what we hear God saying to us. We look forward to sharing more developments as we move forward.




28 August Newsletter

Front and Centre

This week the Church Council met with the Presbytery Consultation Team to discuss the initial results from the recent consultation survey. Some 44 people completed the survey. Following this meeting a final report will be written that will be shared with the congregation. The survey was positive in that it affirmed the things that we do well and indicated some gaps that we need to work on. What we are doing well? The survey indicated that we have a strong sense of our mission and purpose and that people are encouraged to live this out. That being real people with relevant faith for our community, and being a people who want to grow disciples who grow disciples was not only well known but was also something that we encouraged people to try and live out. That there was a high level of respect and trust for our leadership and trust in the way decisions were being made, as well as the actual decisions being made. There was a transparency in decisions being made which enhanced that trust. The gaps identified is that we need to look at how we welcome new people and help them become active and fully participating members of our church community, and how we integrate our pastoral care and discipleship programs to ensure that we are seeking to provide for people’s pastoral needs. Though we have plans in both of these spaces we are not yet doing them as well as we would like. It is great to see the increased volunteerism across the roles and activities of the church but there is still too much being done by too few. Overall the discussions were very positive and reflected well on a church that knows where it is going and is seeking to move in that direction. Though not reflected in the survey the implementation of The Story is increasing our connectedness, has increased our explore group ministry, continued an integration of teaching across all of our ministries and will increase our biblical literacy and understanding. Under the last few years COVID has made life difficult but as we come out from the spectre of COVID, The Story will help us re-build in the right direction. Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey and to the Presbytery team that helped us reflect on these results.