3 December 2021

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4 December, 2021

Christmas is a beautiful time to remember how thankful and grateful we are.    It is a great time of celebration as we prepare to celebrate both the birth of Jesus, and the truth that he will come again.  A time when families get together.  Join us for the prayer night this Tuesday either in person or online as we gather as a church family with our Father in heaven.   Please don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this important event in the life ofour church.  The last two years COVID has changed many lives and families and for most of us our family gatherings havebeen different.    Those with families overseas are learning to skype and connect electronically. Its not the same but it a wayof connecting.  COVID has also affected our church family and we would like to encourage our church family to re-connect with each other.  Our relationships across the congregation have been affected by lock-downs, limited social events, social distancing, so we are hoping that these events, the family picnic, morning teas, carols etc will encourage us to mix together and provide opportunities to invite friends and others along.  COVID has had other effects. Some people have lost employment, and though government assistance has helped families, many are struggling financially and our Community Helping Hand is one way that we seek to assist people.  Yourcontinuing support financially or with time and skills enables this ministry to continue and people’s lives to be changed for the better. Thank you to Ros and Jo and the team. Through the hampers of hope and joy we have been able to reach to needy families who have sought assistance from our local school chaplains. Next week’s lunch for those who are a part of Community Helping hand sees us reaching out to those in our community. Others have suffered bereavements and our service of Solace next week provides a gentle, reflective way to honour those we have lost.  This is also an opportunity to invite friends or others who are more on the edge of our church community.  They are welcome as we gather andcelebrate.  Take some time this Christmas to pray for those who are in need.    For those refugees and those seeking asylum, for those in quarantine waiting for permission to go home, for those who live rough on the streets.  Though we can not meet everyone’s needs we need to start somewhere and make a difference. Thank you to those members of our congregation who do just that.  In this Advent/ Christmas season think about how you can enrich and bless the life of at least one other person.  Share with them the truth of Emmanuel, meaning God with us this Christmas.


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14 August Newsletter

Front and Centre

Welcome to ‘The Story’. Today is our official launch. It has been a long build-up as we are getting ready and looking at how we can share the Story across all of our ministries. Why am I so excited about the Story. For me it meets one of the key desires and needs of people within our church. The Story makes the bible more accessible and helps people better understand history as God’s story and what God’s plan is all about. It takes the many stories and events of the Bible and helps us see them as a part of a unified whole. To better understand God’s plan for the world. The Story joins the dots and allows us to put it all together. As a whole of church approach, the Story provides us with the resources and the encouragement to deepen our relationship with God. It encourages us to read the bible (in a way that is more accessible and easier to understand), to pray and to meet with other Christians. These are the three practices at the core of our relationship with God. They are also at the core of the Story program. If you have not done so yet, you can still sign up for a small group. Talk to one of the leaders and get on board. If you don’t do bible studies can I encourage you to read the book, and talk about it with some friends. Everything starts this week. In all of this we need to remember that the Story is a resource or a tool. Our aim is not to read the Story. Our aim is to know God better, deepen our relationship with him and deepen our relationship with each other. Relationships is the key in all of this. Healthy relationships continues to be a core value, and one of the foundational building blocks of this congregation. The Story gives a better opportunity to do this better. I hope you are as excited and enthusiastic as I am.



What's happening at Emmanuel

14 August The Story launch -BBQ lunch

15 August The Story small group studies begin (see below)

6 August - 3 September Enoggera Eisteddfod

22 August Church Council meeting with Consultation team

3 September Men's Breakfast

The Story

Its exciting that we begin this week. Don't forget to come for lunch. Bring your copy of the story with you as there will help with some of the activities that we will be doing. Hopefully people have already started reading and preparing by reading chapter 1.

Books are ready to be collected and paid for if you have not done so already. Small group leaders should have been in contact with you. If you have not yet organised your small group and your resources please try and do so this week and let Nathan know who is in your group. Come along for a BBQ with sausages bread and onion supplied with people asked to BYO other things to share. Starting from 11am.

The Story Launch - BBQ lunch

To celebrate the launch of The Story you are invited to a shared lunch at church. For those who want to come dressed as their favourite bible character you can (there will be a prize for the winner.) Sausages, bread, onions and sauce will be provided. Please bring some salad or dessert to share.. It should be an awesome day gathering after church from 11am till 1pm on Sunday 14 August.

The Story Small Groups

Haven't found your small group yet. Below is a list of our small groups, when they are on and who is leading them to help you if you haven't found your niche yet.

Day and time Leader/ Contact Venue

Monday 12.30pm Judy Briscoe Alderley

Monday 7.30pm Claire Hoole Everton Park/Online

Tuesday 2.00pm Robyn Battley Church

Tuesday 7.30pm Dom Chan

Thursday TBA Ross Heyde Church

Thursday 6.00pm Jess Pinkerton Church

Thursday 7.00pm Christine Manning Mitchelton

Thursday 7.30pm Martin Fisher Online

Sunday 8.00am Sally Nahak TBA


7 August Emmanuel Events

What's happening at Emmanuel

24 July - 7 August Presbytery Consultation

6 August - 3 September Enoggera Eisteddfod

14 August Story Launch and BBQ

The Story

Most of The Story material has arrived and is available to pay and pick-up on Sunday. We will launch the Story next week 14 August with a BBQ lunch. Come along for a BBQ with sausages bread and onion supplied with people asked to BYO other things to share. Starting from 11am.

The story is a journey that will take us through Scripture from Genesis to Revelation over most of a year. It is an amazing journey that we hope you will be apart of. The more involved you are the more you will get out of it. We will be using this series in our worship each Sunday, for our small groups, Sunday School, even playgroup and Tiny Town.

The Story Launch - BBQ lunch

To celebrate the launch of The Story you are invited to a shared lunch at church. For those who want to come dressed as their favourite bible character you can (there will be a prize for the winner.) Sausages, bread, onions and sauce will be provided. Please bring some salad or dessert to share.. It should be an awesome day gathering after church from 11am till 1pm on Sunday 14 August.

We are hiring - Emmanuel Communications officer

Emmanuel Uniting Church is seeking an experienced Communications Officer to develop and grow the Church’s marketing and social media presence. You will manage the Church website, and assist with promotion and bookings for Church activities through effective use of Emmanuel’s social media channels and Church management software.

The position works with a range of stakeholders including Church staff, members of the congregation and the community to promote messaging and activities.

Key duties will include producing the weekly newsletter, social media posting, setup and scheduling of events using Church management software and providing training and assistance to church staff and congregation members.

Enquiries in relation to the position and the position description can be made via email to Brian Hoole brian@emmanueluca.org.au or 0435 242 000. Closing date Friday 12 August 2022.

Enoggera Eisteddfod 2022

The 2022 Enoggera Eisteddfod starts today and will go till Saturday 3 September. Are you interested and available to help out? Please contact Melissa Herron. Feel free to attend any of the sessions to hear some amazing musical talent.

Presbytery Consultation

Every 3-5 years the Presbytery conducts a consultation to assist the congregation to assess how it is going so as to strengthen the life and witness of the congregation. The hope is to guide the congregation into careful reflection of itself, its culture, assumptions and practices, in order to then create a clearer image for the leadership, so that it may be able to adapt or develop meaningful paths for the congregation to grow in Faith, Love and Hope. It further assists the Presbytery in understanding what needs the congregation may have, in order to develop those paths.The more people who complete the form the better picture that we have of the congregation. The results of the consultation and information from the NCLS survey earlier in the year help us as a church make better decisions as we plan for our future. The survey link is https://forms.office.com/r/shskL2mcFw or you can use the QR code. Please help us by filling in the survey.


31 July 2022 Newsletter

Front and Centre

I find myself ‘waking up’ to the realisation that, upon reflection, the experiences that I have journeyed through have formed me for ministry. In preparation for the Worship Workshop that I am leading in early August I was ruminating about my values as a worship leader and how to communicate them well through practical exercises.

One of the exercises I have devised is about journeying through different parts of worship in a way that flows well and encourages continuity. The premise is that as we move from the end of one aspect and into the next, it’s helpful to try to take something from what came before and use it at the start of what is coming up. You sometimes hear this when we quote the start of songs as we lead into them. However, it is also helpful to be conscious of the ‘feeling’ or the ‘sense’ of what came before to be the foundation of what is to come. So if we have a moment where a sermon ends on a more reflective note: it is wise to be reflective as we come out of that space and then shift appropriately from there. If we do it well it creates a sense of flow and continuity, if we don’t do it well we risk trampling on important moments.

I was asking myself “wait… how do I do this? Why do I care? Where did this concept come from?” I realised that it came from my time studying jazz. When we used to learn about improvisation the encouragement was to “try to copy the end of what I do as the start of what you do.” I rarely managed to completely and accurately copy the person who came before me but attempts created a sense of continuity and flow as the ‘general idea’ became my starting point.

I never really thought that it would be a transferable skill, but here I am realising that jazz has helped me to be formed for ministry.

The question is this: how has your experiences throughout your life positioned you to take part in God’s mission of bringing more people into a relationship with him?

Is it a transferable skill?

Is it a passion that helps you relate to others and others relate to you?

Is it a series of experiences that help you to journey alongside others empathetically?

Maybe it is something else!

The last couple of times that I have preached I have focused on the reality that we all have a part to play as part of the body of Christ, and we must trust God with the heavy lifting of ministry. I find myself comforted as I realise that God invites us to take part, but in the end, he is so gracious and loving towards us as we stumble our way through discipleship. God forms us for ministry and I am so curious to see how God uses Emmanuel for the sake of His kingdom in the coming years

Grace and Peace

Dom Chan