18 April Newsletter

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16 April, 2021

Front and Centre

As we continue to reflect upon the life and ministry of Jesus it is very clear he was in the people business. 

And so are we. 

As a church it is essential we remember our core purpose which is about growing disciples. This is about growing people and emphasising people. We have been very blessed over the past few months to have some new families come to church. If you haven’t yet introduced yourself why not do say 'Hi' and introduce yourself to them on Sunday. 

If you notice someone you don’t know, make the effort and say hello. One of the challenges for any church is avoiding the cliques and huddles and to embrace new people. As a church it is really important that we are all on the look out to include people who are on the edges. This is not just a job for the Ministry Team or those on roster but rather it is important that all of us are apart of helping everyone else feel welcome. 

As events like Men’s Breakfast resume it is important to remember that the reason we have these events is to build relationships, not just to have a good feed or hear a good speaker (though we would hope we provide that as well). I would like to put a challenge out there for you all. Each week for the next 4 weeks can you try introduce yourself to someone new on Sunday, or someone you don’t know so well. Find out their name and a little bit about them. Maybe ask them who is in their family, or why they have come to Emmanuel, or more interestingly, what are they seeing God doing around them. Emmanuel has great people and its really important that we get to know each other and invest time into getting to know each other.


Rev Brian Hoole 


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13 June Newsletter

What a great celebration it was last week. For me one of the great things was to see the diversity of ages and generations that were present at the afternoon tea, and at worship. It reminded me of the passage from Hebrews 12:1 that speaks of the great cloud of witnesses. The strength of the Girl’s Brigade are the lives that it has shaped and transformed since its beginning 40 years ago. Similarly for the Boys Brigade, and to be honest similarly for Emmanuel. Our strength and our legacy are the hundreds and even thousands who have gone before us whose lives have been changed by meeting Jesus in the people and the activities and programs that we have hosted and provided. Girl’s Brigade, Boys Brigade, and Emmanuel have all made a difference and people’s lives have been transformed and changed. And as they have been drawn closer to Jesus it is not only, they that have been transformed but the world in which they live have been enriched. They have made a difference to their world. As I served and watched over the weekend, I saw the spark in people’s eyes reflecting a joy and a hope. For not only do we have a proud history we have an exciting future. We do not exist to remember a great past but rather to live an exciting future. As much as last weekend celebrates the past 40 years it encourages me with hope for the next 40 years and what God will do and achieve through you, and me and the other members of Emmanuel. God has a plan and a purpose my hope and prayer is that we can discern and listen to God and live into that future. What does God have in store for your future?


Brian Hoole



6 June Newsletter

Front and Centre

70th Brisbane Girls’ Brigade commenced in April 1981 at the then Gaythorne Uniting Church Hall with two girls and three leaders. Over the past 40 years there have been many girls, leaders and helpers involved in Girls’ Brigade leading and guiding girls to Christ through friendship and faith. As a girl who started as a cadet in 1984 I have grown up through Brigade to now have the privilege to lead the leaders and girls. Each week I am blessed by the knowledge and experience of past leaders and having a group of leaders who excite, encourage and support not only the girls but me as well.

Looking back over my time I can see God’s hand at work through not only the individual people who guided and supported me through the years but Girls’ Brigade as a whole. This reminds me both of our Crest and as the Body of Christ, where there are individual parts that function by themselves but come together to form something bigger, something stronger. 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 tells us that there is one body but it has many parts and that is exactly how I see Girls’ Brigade. We are individuals, past and present, who come together to help girls become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ; teaching and helping girls to become confident, Christ-led women. We are also part of Emmanuel Uniting Church and the wider church; enriching girls lives and helping them to belong to the Body of Christ just as they belong to Girls’ Brigade.

We have some truly gifted leaders who give their time to share their faith and be an example for the girls to look up to and learn from each week. To see the interactions between the leaders and girls of each group is such a blessing. To hear laughter and questions from the girls to the leaders and how the leaders respond is amazing and I am excited for the continual sharing of God’s love. I pray that girls will continue to grow in their faith and serve God not only within our company but throughout the wider church and community.

I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to the past leaders who have contributed to my leadership, the congregation of Emmanuel Uniting, my family, the girls, leaders and their families for your constant support, enthusiasm, encouragement and prayers. Girls’ Brigade has helped me to be more confident and do things that I would never have dreamed I could do, so I thank all who had the vison over 40 years ago to start up a company as part of our church.


Sonya Cornwell

Girls' Brigade Captain