Church Camp 2024

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This event has ended.

In 2024 Emmanuel is committed to pursuing Christlike growth - one of our core values. This year we want to see people continue grow in faith and maturity as Eph 4:13 says.

In two months from now, Emmanuel Uniting Church will be gathering people together to kick-start this growth journey through a church camp.

This will be an intentional time for us to withdraw from our normal routine and spend time with each other, learning and growing together as we are blessed by the teaching ministry of Rev. Dr. Andrew Prince. We will also be spending time together, building relationships with each other and enjoying something of God’s good creation.

Our camp location will be familiar to many of our Brigades families, as we utilise the Boys Brigade site, Camp Glengarry.

To keep costs to a minimum we have elected to self-cater. Glengarry has large commercial style kitchen facilities where you can use their walk-in fridge; gas stove tops and ovens, microwaves and kitchen utensils. Meal times are set as part of our program and we have tried to ensure they are at ‘family friendly’ periods of the day. Please have a look a the glengarry website for information about the kitchen facilities onsite.

People can choose to stay in cabins or byo tent / camper / caravan and camp onsite.

Registration for camp is now open. To register PLEASE attempt to do so through the online registration form.

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This event has ended.