Dig in at Home - 3 March 2019

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2 March, 2019

God Speaks to Samuel - 1 Samuel 3:1-21

Here’s what happens…

One night, Samuel wakes up to someone calling his name. He thinks it’s Eli, the priest, but it’s not. By the third time Samuel hears his name, Eli realizes it’s God. Samuel listens to God’s message and passes it along. God speaks, so we listen for him.

Bible Point

God speaks, so we listen for him.

Family Together Time

Play this fun game to practice listening with your family!

  • Play a game of Hide-and-Seek with a twist.
  • When the Seeker calls out “I’m listening!” the Hiders must make noises. They can be whistles, knocking, tongue clicking sounds, kissy noises, and so on.
  • The Seeker will listen carefully for sounds until he or she finds everyone.
  • Play several rounds so everyone can be the Seeker!
  • Talk about what you did to listen carefully in the game.
  • Talk about what you can do to listen carefully to God.

Talk About This…

  • What’s something you’d love to hear God talk to you about?

Discuss and Watch

Today we’re learning that God speaks, so we listen for him.

  • What are some ways God speaks?

Let’s listen to God as we see a lot of different ways he speaks. Think of this video as a prayer, and listen for God as you watch.

Watch “Are You Listening?”

  • How did you hear God as you watched this video?
  • How have you heard God as you experienced one of the things from this video in real life?

God speaks through all kinds of normal, everyday things. He spoke to Samuel while he was sleeping! Samuel didn’t think it was God at first, but soon he learned to listen for God’s voice. God speaks, so listen!

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Dig in at Home - 18 August

Jesus Heals a Crippled Woman on the Sabbath - Luke 13:10-17

Here’s what happens…

One Sabbath day, Jesus sees a crippled woman in a synagogue. She’s been unable to stand up straight for 18 years! Jesus heals her, even though the legalistic religious leaders don’t approve. But Jesus values love over man-made rules.

Family Together Time

Bless other people with loving notes.

- Cut out heart shapes.

- On the hearts, write loving notes such as “Jesus loves you, and we do too!”

- Include notes of encouragement like “You’re awesome!”

- You could also write Bible verses such as John 3:16 or 1 John 4:7.

- Decorate the hearts. (This is a great job for younger family members who can’t write.)

- Put the hearts in your neighbors’ mailboxes, or tape them to their doors.

Talk About This…

- What’s the last loving thing someone did for you?

Discuss and Watch “A Duck Tale”

- What’s the most loving thing anyone has ever done for you?

- What did you think of the reporter’s reaction to seeing the stuck ducks?

Jesus is loving, so we’re loving. Jesus showed love even when other people got mad about it. And the ducks showed love even when they were risking their safety.

- What’s one way you think Jesus wants you to show love this week?

Jesus is loving, so we’re loving. We can be loving even when it means giving up popularity, our preferences, or even our safety.

Digging Into the Heart of God. Copyright © Group Publishing, Inc. Permission to reproduce granted for local church use.


Dig in at Home - 11 August

Jesus Heals a Deaf Man - Mark 7:31-37

Here’s what happens…

People bring a deaf man to Jesus to be healed. Jesus puts his fingers in the man’s ears, then spits on his fingers and touches the man’s tongue. Then Jesus sighs and says, “Be opened!” and the man can hear and speak!

Talk About This…

- What’s the most wonderful thing about the person sitting next to you?

Discuss and Watch “Wonder”

Today we’re learning that Jesus is wonderful.

- What’s the most wonderful thing you’ve ever seen? Was it made by people or by God?

Let’s watch a video where we can see some wonderful things people made…and some even more wonderful things made by our wonderful God.

Watch “Wonder.”

- Which wonders did you find the most wonderful? Why?

- Why do you think people’s wonders can’t compete with God’s?

People have made some pretty cool things, but when you put them next to the things God has made, they don’t compare! Jesus is wonderful, so we expect good things from him. If he could make the Grand Canyon, the northern lights, and the whole solar system, he can do wonderful things in our lives!

Through the Week

- Look for wonderful things throughout the week. (Hint: They might be seemingly ordinary things you take for granted!)

- Whenever someone sees something wonderful, that person will say, “I see in front of me something wonderful!”

- The other family members can ask questions to help determine what wonderful thing the speaker saw.

- Together, thank God for the wonderful things he has done and created!

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Dig in at Home - 4 August

God Cares for Birds - Matthew 10:29-31

Here’s what happens…

As Jesus prepares to send out his disciples, he comforts them by saying that God takes care of sparrows and God loves us even more than sparrows. God knows how many hairs are on our heads!

Talk About This…

- Would you rather be a peacock or an eagle? Why?

Discuss and Watch “What’s the Zoom?”

Today we’re learning that God cares about our details. Let’s see how well you can pay attention to details! In this video, you’ll see pictures of the details of everyday items. If you think you know what the item is, call out the answer!

Watch “What’s the Zoom?”

- Which details were you the most confident about? Why?

- Which details were the hardest for you? Why?

We had a hard time knowing what all these details were, but God knew! God cares about our details. He knows everything about creation, including us!

- Share about one detail about yourself that you don’t think he or she knows.

- What’s a new detail you learned about your partner?

God cares about our details, so we care about others!

Family Together Time

- Find a place to feed birds together. It could be your backyard, a park, or the beach.

- Grab some birdseed, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, or oat cereal so you can feed the birds. (Bread, although a popular choice for feeding birds, is not good for them in large quantities, so avoid bread—especially white bread.)

- As you feed the birds together, talk about how God cares for them.

- Also share how God has shown his care for your family.

Digging Into the Heart of God. Copyright © Group Publishing, Inc. Permission to reproduce granted for local church use.