Dig in at Home - 3 March 2019

God Speaks to Samuel - 1 Samuel 3:1-21

Here’s what happens…

One night, Samuel wakes up to someone calling his name. He thinks it’s Eli, the priest, but it’s not. By the third time Samuel hears his name, Eli realizes it’s God. Samuel listens to God’s message and passes it along. God speaks, so we listen for him.

Bible Point

God speaks, so we listen for him.

Family Together Time

Play this fun game to practice listening with your family!

- Play a game of Hide-and-Seek with a twist.

- When the Seeker calls out “I’m listening!” the Hiders must make noises. They can be whistles, knocking, tongue clicking sounds, kissy noises, and so on.

- The Seeker will listen carefully for sounds until he or she finds everyone.

- Play several rounds so everyone can be the Seeker!

- Talk about what you did to listen carefully in the game.

- Talk about what you can do to listen carefully to God.

Talk About This…

- What’s something you’d love to hear God talk to you about?

Discuss and Watch

Today we’re learning that God speaks, so we listen for him.

- What are some ways God speaks?

Let’s listen to God as we see a lot of different ways he speaks. Think of this video as a prayer, and listen for God as you watch.

Watch “Are You Listening?”

- How did you hear God as you watched this video?

- How have you heard God as you experienced one of the things from this video in real life?

God speaks through all kinds of normal, everyday things. He spoke to Samuel while he was sleeping! Samuel didn’t think it was God at first, but soon he learned to listen for God’s voice. God speaks, so listen!

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Dig in at Home - 24 February

God Makes the Sun Stand Still - Joshua 10:1-15

Here’s what happens…

The Israelites fight against five armies to defend another population, the Gibeonites. In turn, God defends the Israelites, sending their enemies into a panic and causing the sun to stand still so they have time to defeat their enemies. God is our defender, too.

Bible Point:

God is our defender, so we defend others.

Through the Week

Defend each other with prayer throughout the week!

- Find a round object, such as a coin, for each person in your family.

- Each person will pick up a coin and share about a current battle he or she is facing. For example, a battle could be a stressful test, worries about a friendship, or stress at work.

- Pray for each other right away.

- Carry the round objects all week to remind you of the sun and how God defended the Israelites by causing the sun to stand still.

- Whenever you feel the “sun” in your pocket, stop and pray for the battles your family members are facing.

- Be sure to support each other in your battles so you know your family is always on your side.

Talk About This…

- What superhero would best be able to defend you right now? Why?

Watch and Discuss

Today we’re learning that God is our defender, so we defend others.

- Without naming any names, share things you’ve seen a bully do.

Let’s see what happens in our video when some kids have to deal with a bully.

Watch “The Bully.”

- After seeing what the kids in this video did, what are some tips you can use to deal with a bully?

- What are some good ideas you have for defending others from a bully?

At first, Sophia let the bully win. But when she saw that the bully was keeping a lot of kids from enjoying the playground, she decided to be a defender. Even though Sophia was a lot smaller than the bully, that was okay, because she didn’t need to fight. She went with a group of kids to talk to the bully, told the bully that what she was doing was wrong, and showed the bully compassion. God is our defender, so we defend others using kindness and compassion.

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Dig in at Home - 17 February

Moses Sees God’s Holiness - Exodus 33–34

Here’s what happens…

God meets with Moses in a tent, passes by as Moses hides in a mountain crevice, and meets with Moses in a cloud. Moses’ face glows, reflecting that he has spent time with God. Moses’ experiences show us that God is special.

Bible Point:

God is special, and he has the ability to change us.

Through the Week

Moses had a special place to meet with God: the Tent of Meeting. Make your own special place!

- Build a blanket fort or tent in a place everyone in your family can get to.

- Try to choose a quieter place in your home.

- Whenever anyone wants to spend time with God, he or she can enter the tent to pray or read the Bible.

- Make sure you spend some time with God together in your special place.

Talk About This…

- What’s special about God?

Watch and Discuss

Today we’re learning that God is special, and he has the ability to change us. In the Bible, spending time with God changed the way Moses’ face looked! Let’s see what can change about us when we spend time with God.

Watch “You Choose.”

- What differences did you notice in the girl’s day?

- What differences have you noticed in your own life when you’ve spent time with God and when you haven’t.

- What do you think it is about spending time with God that changes us?

God is special, and he has the ability to change us. He’s so special that the more we get to know him, the more we want to be like him! God is loving, kind, and forgiving, and he changes our hearts to be more like him.

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Dig in at Home - 10 February

God Sends Manna and Quail - Exodus 16:1-35

Here’s what happens…

While the Israelites wander in the desert, they need food. They complain about how hungry they are and wish they’d never left Egypt. But God is loyal and sends them food from the sky—manna (a mysterious bread like substance) and quail.

Through the Week

Gather your “manna and quail” to prepare for meals this week.

- When it’s getting close to a snack time, hide packaged or bagged snacks around the house.

- Challenge your family to find the snacks, and remind them that the Israelites gathered the food God provided.

- When it’s nearing time to prepare dinner, hide the packaged ingredients. For example, if you’re making spaghetti with marinara, hide the box of spaghetti and the jar of sauce.

- After your family finds the items, work together as a family to prepare the food. Thank God for loyally giving you food!

Talk About This…

- Give an example of something a loyal friend would do.

Watch and Discuss

Today we’re learning that God is loyal, so we’re loyal.

- What are things loyal friends would do?

- What would a loyal friend do on your birthday?

Let’s watch a video about a birthday boy and his friends.

Watch “The Birthday.”

- Tell about a time someone let you down, like Matt thought his friends had.

- Tell about a time your friends surprised you with something great.

In our Bible story, the Israelites doubted God’s loyalty. He promised to give them enough manna and quail every day, but they collected extra just in case he wasn’t loyal. In our video, Matt doubted his friends’ loyalty, too. But just as God came through for the Israelites, his friends came through in a big way!

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Dig in at Home - 3 February

God Makes Bitter Water Good - Exodus 15:22-27

Here’s what happens…

After the Israelite's escape Egypt, they travel in the desert for three days without finding water. When they finally find some, it tastes bitter. They complain and doubt God’s plan, but God shows grace by providing a piece of wood that makes the water good!

Family Together Time

Celebrate God’s grace with your favorite beverages.

- Let everybody choose his or her favorite thing to drink, whether that’s a soft drink, coffee (for Mom or Dad), juice, milk, hot chocolate, or something else.

- You might even go to a fast food or ice cream place for soft drinks and milkshakes!

- As you enjoy your tasty drinks, talk about all the good things God has given you that you don’t deserve. That’s grace!

- Talk about how you can show grace to other people, too.

Talk About This…

- When is it hardest for you to show grace to other people?

Watch and Discuss

- Think of a cool invention you wish existed. What would it be?

Today we’re learning that God shows grace, and he showed grace by making bitter water sweet when the Israelites complained. Let’s watch a video that shows what might’ve happened if they’d used that idea to make up a cool invention.

Watch “Sweet-a-Stick.”

- Why do you or don’t you think this really happened in the Bible?

- If a Sweet-a-Stick was real, would you buy one? Why or why not?

A Sweet-a-Stick would be a fun invention, but it’s not real. The stick Moses used was just a regular stick, not a special invention. It made the water sweet by God’s power because God shows grace and wanted to give his people something that would help them.

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Dig in at Home - 20 January

God Is I Am - Exodus 3:1–4:17

Here’s what happens…

God appears to Moses in a burning bush. God tells Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, where they’re slaves. Moses doesn’t want to and has a lot of excuses. But God assures him, “I Am Who I Am.” God doesn’t change; he’s the same God today!

Through the Week

Play this fun game to explore changing.

- Choose one person to leave the room.

- Everyone else will change one thing about his or her appearance—for example, removing glasses or jewelry, rolling up shirt sleeves, or changing a hairdo.

- The person who left the room will return and try to guess what changed about each person.

- Play several rounds, sending a new family member out of the room each time.

- After the game, talk about what it was like trying to keep up with all the changes. What made it easy or hard?

- Pray together and thank God that he never changes. You never need to play guessing games about who God is!

Talk About This…

- What is something about God that you’re glad won’t change?

Watch and Discuss

Today we’re learning that God doesn’t change, so we trust him when we’re unsure.

- Tell about a time you weren’t confident you could do something well.

Let’s watch a video about how Moses learned God could do big things through him…even though he didn’t feel confident.

Watch “The Burning Bush.”

- Put yourself in Moses' place. How do you think you'd feel about what God asked you to do?

- What did the signs show you about who God is?

- What evidence or signs have you seen that show you God doesn’t change and you can trust him?

God doesn’t change. If he could do big things through Moses, even though Moses didn’t think he was right for the job, God can still do big things through people—even us. God gave Moses signs to help Moses trust him, and God shows us all the time that we, too, can trust him.

Grow paper snakes.


- paper-wrapped straws

- eyedropper

- cup of water

In Exodus 3, God caused Moses’ staff to change into a moving snake. Did you know that there’s a way to make lifeless straw paper move like a snake, too?

- First, carefully tear off one end of the paper wrapper from the straw.

- Then scrunch the wrapper down toward the other end of the straw, as if you were going to remove it but keeping it on the straw until the whole wrapper is fully compact at one end. Once you start scrunching the paper down, don’t pull it back up, and make sure the paper doesn’t get wet.

- Once it’s fully compact, push or pull the paper off the straw, keeping it scrunched and avoiding wet surfaces.

At the moment the straw papers appear lifeless. What do you think will happen when we add some drops of water?

- Use an eyedropper or straw to drop only one drop of water onto the end of the straw paper. It will move and “grow.”

- Continue slowly adding drops along the straw paper until it stops growing. The water causes the paper to “unscrunch,” making it look like it’s growing or slithering like a snake.

- How did the straw paper change throughout this experiment?

The straw paper changed its form several times. At first it was long, then it was short, and then it moved like a snake! Moses talked with God at the burning bush a long time ago, and God surprised Moses like the moving straw paper might have surprised us. God doesn’t change. The same God who was with Moses at the burning bush is still with us today.

- How does it help you to know that God, who helped Moses, still helps you today?

God doesn’t change. He did amazing things to prepare Moses to lead the Israelites, and God will do amazing things to help us as we live for him today.

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Dig in at Home - 13 January

Abram Gives Lot the Best Land - Genesis 13

Here’s what happens…

Abram is Lot’s uncle, and the two live and travel together. But because God has given them so many animals, they need to split up. Abram lets Lot choose which land he wants, and Lot chooses the better side. God is giving, and we can reflect God’s generosity.

Watch and Discuss

- What’s your favorite way to spend a Saturday?

There are so many fun things to do on the weekend that it’s easy to focus on what’s the most fun for us. We’re going to see a video where kids gave up some of their weekend time to help other people.

Watch “Slammin’ Famine.”

- What difference did the girls in the video make by giving their time?

- Tell about when you gave your time to volunteer or help someone.

- How does it make you feel when you give your time to help others? Why do you think that is?

In the Bible, God gave to Abram, and Abram gave to Lot. Even if we don’t have a lot of money or stuff to give, we can be giving because we can give our time to help others! That’s a great way to reflect God’s giving heart.

Through the Week

Give up what you want and instead collect the money to give away this week.

- Find ways to cut costs this week. Here are some examples.

- If you normally have take-away for dinner, eat in instead.

- If you normally buy lunch, take some from home this week.

- If you usually buy coffee, skip it for the week, or have one at home instead.

- Put all the money you would’ve spent in a jar. (If you don’t have cash, just write IOUs.)

- At the end of the week, give the money to church or charity.

- Talk about what good things God gave you as you showed generosity. For example, maybe you got a nice note in your lunch from a parent, or you had fun cooking your Friday night meal together.

Talk About This…

- What’s a gift you were really excited to give? Why were you excited?

Something to try at Home


- coins

- eyedropper

- paper towel

- small cup of water

God is giving. He fills our lives with good things—even more than we might expect. Let’s see how much water we can give to a coin. We’ll count to see how many water drops the coin will hold without the water spilling over.

- How many drops do you think a coin will hold? Let’s find out!

Place the eyedropper into the cup of water and draw up some water. Then carefully add drops of water to the top of the coin counting how many drops the coin will hold before it spills over the side. Repeat the experiment to see if the result is always the same.

- What did you notice about the water on top of the coin?

As the water reached the edge of the coin, the water molecules clung to each other and made a dome or bubble shape on top of the coin. Each new water drop formed a hydrogen bond until it all finally spilled over the side of the coin.

- How are water drops on a coin like the good things God gives?

God is giving. Sometimes he blesses us in more ways than we expected. He gives us more and more blessings until they spill over from our lives and affect the world around us as we reflect his giving heart.

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Dig in at Home - 6 January

Builders Try to Build a Great Tower - Genesis 11:1-9

Here’s what happens…

Everyone lives in the same area and speaks the same language. They decide to build a great city with a tall tower that will make them famous. God sees their hearts; he confuses their language and then scatters them all over the world. God is the greatest!

Through the Week

Make a God Sightings tower that points to God’s greatness!

- Set out sticky notes and pens.

- Look for great things God does during the week; they can be big or small. You might include things like a beautiful sunset or the fact that your dog gave you extra snuggles. These are called God Sightings.

- Write each God Sighting on a sticky note, and stick the notes one above the other on the wall to create a “tower.”

- When the tower gets really tall, parents will need to help little ones attach their notes.

- Try to make your sticky-note tower reach all the way to the ceiling by the end of the week!

Talk About This…

- How have you seen God’s greatness in your family members?

Watch and Discuss

Today we’re learning that God is the greatest, and we don’t need to be.

- If you could be the best in the world at something, what would you want it to be?

Let’s watch a video about a kid who’s getting ready to be the best super quadcopter racer in the world.

Watch “Super Quadcopter World Racing Champion.”

- What did you think about how Carter was acting?

- Who is someone you noticed that Carter hurt? Explain.

It’s not bad to be great at something, but we don’t want to think we’re better than other people. And we do want to remember that God is the greatest. He’s more amazing than anyone or anything. The people we’re reading about in the Bible today tried to build the tallest tower so they would be the greatest. They found out, like Carter did in our video, that we don’t need to be the greatest. Because God is the greatest we can put him first.