Dig in at Home - 16 June

Jesus Heals an Official’s Son - John 4:43-54

Here’s what happens…

A government official pleads for Jesus to heal his son, who’s dying. Without even going to see the son, Jesus heals him just by speaking. As the father travels home, a servant meets him to tell him his son is alive and well.

Family Together Time

Do a family magic show!

- Each person will look online to find a fun magic trick that can be done with household items.

- Everyone will practice a different magic trick until it’s just right.

- Get together and present your magic tricks for each other.

- Talk about the difference between magic and miracles.

- Remind your family that Jesus’ amazing miracles were no trick—they really happened!

Talk About This…

- What’s your most amazing talent?

Discuss and Watch “Amazing Healing”

Today we’re learning that Jesus is amazing.

- What’s something you’d be amazed to see?

Let’s watch the amazing thing that happened in our Bible story.

Watch “Amazing Healing.”

- We talked about things we’d be amazed to see. Why do you think the government guy believed Jesus even though he didn’t see the miracle happen?

- Share about an amazing thing you want Jesus to do for you.

Jesus is amazing, so we believe in him.

We can believe that he’s doing amazing things in our lives, even if we don’t see them happening in really obvious ways. Jesus healed the government guy’s son, but the man didn’t even get to see it happen! In the end, he got to see that Jesus is amazing and truly had healed his son.

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Dig in at Home - 9 June

Pentecost and the Gift of the Holy Spirit - Acts 2:1-42

Here’s what happens…

The disciples were obeying Jesus’ instructions and were staying in Jerusalem. It had been 10 days since Jesus had ascended (went back up) to heaven, and on this day Jews that had travelled from many different countries were gathered in Jerusalem to celebrate Pentecost, the harvest festival. This special feast was a time when God’s people brought gifts as offerings to God (see Leviticus 23:15-21). While the disciples were together, a sound like a violent blowing wind, came and filled the house, and what looked like tongues of fire, rested above their heads. The people were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in different languages which amazed everyone. Peter addressed the bewildered crowd, explaining that the coming of the Holy Spirit had been prophesied by Joel, and was the fulfilment of Jesus words too.

- If you had been with the believers on this day, what do you think you would have seen, heard and felt? Do you think your reaction would have been more like that of the people in verse 12 or verse 13?

- What happened to the believers on the Day of Pentecost? And everyone else?

- What do you think is the point that Peter wants the people to understand about the current events (verse 13, 17 & 18)?

- What response is Peter urging the new believers to take (verse 38)? Have you made that response before? Would you like to make it today?

- Have you ever experienced an empowering from the Lord to witness about Christ? Explain what it was like.

- What do you think this passage saying to you in your current circumstances? What are you going to do about it?


Dig in at Home - 26 May

God Helps Daniel Act Wisely - Daniel 1

Here’s what happens…

Daniel and his friends are working in the king’s palace while in exile. God gives them wisdom to handle a tough situation when the palace food goes against God’s plan for them. God is wise, and he helps us make wise choices.

Family Together Time

- Have a Google race! Read the following questions and have everyone race to look up the answers.

- What’s the world record for hot dogs eaten in one sitting?

- In what year was the typewriter invented?

- Who was the first female Supreme Court Justice of the United States?

- Which president had a pet alligator?

- How many countries are there that start with Z?

- What’s the biggest lake in the world?

- Talk about the kind of questions Google can help with…and the questions it can’t help with.

- Turn to God together and ask him for wisdom with the questions that are too big for Google.

Talk About This…

- Tell about a wise person who’s influenced your family.

Discuss and Watch “Wise Choices”

God is wise, so we make wise choices. Let’s see what happens when our friends Peanut and Biscuit make unwise choices.

Watch “Wise Choices.”

- Why were the choices Peanut and Biscuit made unwise?

- Rowley reminded Peanut and Biscuit to make wise choices. Who in your life helps you make wise choices?

- Rowley told Peanut and Biscuit that Daniel was so wise, the king asked him for advice! If you were super-duper wise, who would you want to ask for your advice? Why?

- Tell about an unwise choice you’ve made and what the consequence was.

God is wise, so we make wise choices. We don’t have to rely on our own wisdom; God is ready to help us with his wisdom! And like Peanut and Biscuit, we can learn from our mistakes and grow in wisdom.

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Dig in at Home - 19 May

God Is Our Creator - Psalm 139:1-18

Here’s what happens…

David writes a psalm, or song, about how God created us and knows us. David says God made us wonderfully complex! He sees everything we do, he knows our thoughts, and he’s with us wherever we go. He wove each of us together with a special purpose.

Family Together Time

- Read Psalm 139:13.

Grab some paper, yarn, pencils, and glue.

- First, each person in your family will draw a simple picture that shows something unique about how God made him or her. Try to avoid a lot of detail. (Writing a word in large cursive works, too.)

- Next, glue yarn to the pencil lines to make a fun yarn picture. You can use different colors of yarn for extra pop!

- Show each other your pictures, and talk about how the way God wove you together can be used for a special purpose.

Talk About This…

- What’s the best thing about you?

Discuss and Watch

God is our creator, so we live out our purpose. But sometimes, we’re not sure what our purpose is!

We’re going to find out the purpose of some really old tools. Get ready to guess!

Watch “What’s the Purpose?”

- What surprised you about the purpose of the tools you saw?

- What were some purposes you guessed for the tools?

- How can it help you to know that you have a purpose, even if you don’t know what it is?

God is our creator. He created each of us with a special purpose! When figuring out that purpose feels like guessing the purpose of the old tools, we can turn to God and ask him to show us what our special purpose is.

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Dig in at Home - 12 May

God Is Faithful to Nehemiah - Nehemiah 1–2

Here’s what happens…

Nehemiah is in exile when he hears that the wall around Jerusalem is in ruins. He cries out to God for help. God is faithful to provide Nehemiah with all the supplies, protection, and courage he needs to rebuild the wall. Nehemiah is faithful to do what God has called him to do.

Through the Week

- In the Bible story, the king wrote letters to support Nehemiah’s mission. Write letters to each other to show support and encouragement.

- Include examples of how God has been faithful to the people you’re writing to.

- Include examples of how they’ve been faithful.

- Include a prayer for them to continue to be faithful.

- If you have younger kids who can’t yet write, they could either draw encouraging pictures or dictate a letter for an older family member to write.

- Have a Letter Exchange Day at the end of the week where you give all your letters to each other.

Talk About This…

- Tell about someone you consider to be faithful.

Discuss and Watch “God Is Faithful”

We’re learning that God is faithful, let’s see what other kids said about how God has been faithful.

Watch “God Is Faithful.”

- What did you learn about God’s faithfulness from these stories?

- When has God been faithful to you?

- Why can you trust God to be faithful?

God is faithful. Life might not always go the way we want, but we can trust God to stick with us and take care of us!

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Dig in at Home - 5 May

God Surrounds Elisha With an Army - 2 Kings 6:8-23

Here’s what happens…

God has been showing the prophet Elisha secret battle plans from the enemy country of Aram. The king of Aram is mad and sends a great army to surround Elisha and his servant. But Elisha can see another army all around them—God’s army.

Through the Week

- Whenever you eat dinner this week, discuss the place that food represents. (For example, spaghetti represents Italy; Chinese food represents China; Idaho potatoes represent Idaho.)

- Talk about the fact that when we say God is everywhere, we don’t just mean God is around us. God is in Italy, China, and Idaho!

- If you know any international stories of God at work, share them.

- Pray for the people in the countries whose food you’re eating.

Talk About This…

- Tell about a place it’s hardest for you to see God.

Discuss and Watch “All Around the World”

We’re learning that God is everywhere. In the Bible story, Elisha’s servant got to see God’s army all around them. And God isn’t just around us, he’s at work everywhere—all over the world!

- What are some countries you know about besides ours? How do you know about them?

Let’s see what God is doing in five different countries.

Watch “All Around the World.”

- Which story from our video was the most amazing to you? Why?

- What does it tell you about God to see him at work all around the world?

God is everywhere, so we look for him around us. And we can look for him in other countries like Peru, Zambia, Thailand, and Norway!

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Dig in at Home - 28 April

God Takes Elijah to Heaven - 2 Kings 2:1-18

Here’s what happens…

In this mysterious Bible story, God takes Elijah up to heaven in a chariot of fire drawn by horses of fire. The chariot is caught up in a whirlwind, carrying Elijah to heaven. Elisha looks on, upset that Elijah is gone but ready to carry on his legacy. These strange events show that God is mysterious.

Family Together Time

- Walk around your home together.

- As you walk, pause to wonder about how things work. For example, how does a lightbulb make light? How does an oven make heat? How does a toilet flush?

- Brainstorm possible explanations.

- After you’ve toured your whole house, sit down together and talk about this question: Which things that we wondered about are the biggest mystery to you?

- Talk about the idea that we believe in things working even when we can’t understand what makes them work, and we can also believe in God when we don’t understand him because we see him working.

Talk About This…

- What’s one question about God you’d love to know the answer to?

Discuss and Watch “Up to Heaven”

Today’s Bible story was a bit mysterious. Why did Elijah get taken to heaven in a fiery chariot? We’re not sure! Let’s see what happened.

Watch “Up to Heaven.”

- What questions would you like to ask God about this story?

- What questions would you like to ask Elijah?

God is mysterious. We don’t know the answers to all of our questions! But we can have faith because we can trust that God does have all the answers, even when we don’t understand.

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Dig in at Home - 21 April

Jesus Has Victory Over Death - John 20:1-18

Here’s what happens…

Jesus died on the cross and the world went dark. His friends and followers are in mourning. But just when it seems like Jesus has lost…he comes back to life! Jesus is alive, and God wins! Through Jesus, we have victory over sin and death.

Bible Point:

God wins, so we have victory over sin and death.

Family Together Time

Make a congratulations banner for God.

- Get a long strand of paper towels.

- Put more paper towels underneath as you write “Congratulations!” across the paper towels. (This will keep ink from getting through and staining your table.)

- You could also make a banner by writing one letter per piece of paper to spell “Congratulations!” String the papers together with ribbon, string, or yarn.

- Hang the banner to celebrate God’s victory over sin and death.

Talk About This…

- Tell about a time you lost, even though you really wanted to win.

Watch and Discuss “The Hunt for Easter”

- What’s your favorite thing about Easter?

Let’s see what happens when our friends Peanut and Biscuit try to figure out what Easter is all about.

Watch “The Hunt for Easter.”

- Why do you think the different animals all had different ideas about the meaning of Easter?

- Why is Jesus’ resurrection better than Easter eggs, Easter baskets, bunnies, or dressing up?

It’s not that getting your picture with the Easter bunny or hunting for Easter eggs is bad…but it’s not what Easter is all about. Easter is an amazing day because we celebrate that God wins! We have victory over sin and death because Jesus beat death, and that’s better than anything we could find in an Easter basket.

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