Dig In at Home - 4 March

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4 March, 2018

John Baptizes Jesus

Matthew 3; Luke 3:21-22

In today's Bible passage, John the Baptist baptizes people and preaches about Jesus. When Jesus comes, John baptizes Jesus. At Jesus' baptism, the skies open and God the Father announces that Jesus is his Son

Key Verse: And a voice from heaven said, “This is my dearly loved Son, who brings me great joy” Matthew 3:17

We're Alike

Jesus is God's Son, so they are alike in many ways. See what similarities you can spot with household items.

  • Gather 10-20 random items from around your house.
  • Have family members take turns selecting two objects from the pile and saying ways they are alike. For example: They're both made of plastic; they're both kitchen tools.
  • Talk about these questions:
  • What are some ways each of us is like our parents?
  • What do you know about Jesus now? How does that help you know about his Father, God?

Big Blessings

Try this at bedtime each night. Put your hand on your child's head and say, "You are my dearly loved [son or daughter], who brings me great joy."

  • Ask your child what it means to hear a blessing from you.
  • Talk about what it means that God said those words about Jesus.
  • Read Galatians 3:26 as a family. Imagine God saying your name and telling you you're his son or daughter and that you bring him joy.

Family Discussion

  • What does it mean to be a son or daughter of God?
  • Imagine God saying, "[Your name], you are my dearly loved child." How do you feel about that?

Discuss and Watch

We’re learning about a guy named John who was a little bit different from other people—and who had a pretty amazing experience with Jesus. Let’s watch this video to see John’s story.

Watch “John Baptizes Jesus.” https://vimeo.com/162131414

  • John shared the message “Prepare the way for the Lord’s coming! Clear the road for him!” What do you think this means?
  • Why do you think God wanted everyone to hear this message?
  • Jesus is God’s Son. When we get to know Jesus, we get to know God. What do you know about Jesus that is also true about God?

John wanted everyone to have their hearts ready for Jesus. He wanted them to start thinking about what they were doing and how they were living. But it sounds like he was a little surprised when Jesus came and wanted to be baptized. Jesus said that this was what God wanted, so John agreed to baptize Jesus.

It must have been amazing when the sky opened up and a dove came down and landed on Jesus! And it must have been really amazing when everyone heard God’s voice say, “This is my dearly loved Son, who brings me great joy.”

It’s exciting to know that we can get to know God by getting to know Jesus. We know for sure that Jesus loves us—and that means God loves us, too!

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Dig in at Home - 23 September

Jesus Heals a Blind Man - John 9:1-41

Jesus heals a man who was blind from birth. To heal him, Jesus makes mud with spit and dirt and rubs it on the man’s eyes. Some people are amazed, but the religious leaders get mad and ask questions about the healing. Everyone learns that Jesus has the power to heal.


Through the Week

• Think of someone you know who’s sick.

• Talk about some ways you could encourage that person, such as making a small gift.

• Say a prayer for that person at mealtimes or as you’re driving around town.

• If you have the person’s phone number, send him or her a few brief texts or fun pictures throughout the week.


Talk About This…

• Tell about someone who helps you feel better.


Watch and Discuss

Today we’re learning about a man who was blind. But with Jesus’ help, he could see! Jesus has the power to heal. Let’s look at this story from his perspective.

Watch “You’ll See.”

• What do you think it would be like to be blind?

• When the blind man could see, he saw Jesus! If you could see for the first time, what would you want to see first?

If you’ve been able to see your whole life, you might take it for granted. But when you see our Bible story from the blind man’s perspective—when he goes from total blackness to seeing light and shapes and finally to seeing clearly—you can see how amazing it is that Jesus has the power to heal.



Digging Into the Life of Jesus. Copyright © Group Publishing, Inc. Permission to reproduce granted for local church use. 


Dig in at Home - 16 September

Jesus Heals a Crippled Woman - Luke 13:10-17

One Sabbath (God’s special day), Jesus heals a woman who can’t stand up straight. The religious leaders get mad at Jesus for healing on the Sabbath. Jesus says that helping others on the Sabbath is the right thing to do. Jesus does what’s right—no matter what.

Family Together Time

Have some fun as a family. Take a mystery trip to remember that Jesus knows the right thing to do, and he helps us know—and do—the right thing, too.

Go for a family walk or drive.

Give two people each a coin, and have them flip the coins just before arriving at each corner or intersection. 

If both coins are tails, go left. 

If both coins are heads, go right. 

If one coin is a tail and one is a head, go straight.

Talk about how the coins showed you the right way to go. Then talk about how Jesus shows us the right thing to do: Share God’s love.

Talk About This…

When (if ever) is it okay to break our family rules?

Watch and Discuss

In today’s Bible story, Jesus healed a woman even though some people thought he shouldn’t heal anyone that day. Jesus knew the right thing to do was to heal her, so he did! Jesus does what’s right—no matter what.

Tell about a time it was tempting to do the wrong thing. Share your own example first.

Sometimes, the wrong thing to do is so much easier! Jesus wouldn’t have had to deal with all that criticism if he hadn’t healed the woman! But he did the right thing even though it was a hard choice. Let’s watch a video where a boy has to make a choice.

Watch “Do Right.”

What options did the boy have in this video?

Why do you think he chose to return the wallet?

It was definitely tempting for the boy to take the wallet. He did at first! There was a lot of money in there, and most of us would love to have a lot of money. But it would’ve been wrong for him to keep money that didn’t belong to him. Instead, he did the right thing and returned the wallet. When we’re having a hard time doing the right thing, we can turn to Jesus. Jesus does the right thing—no matter what.

Digging Into the Life of Jesus. Copyright © Group Publishing, Inc. Permission to reproduce granted for local church use.