Dig In at Home - 28 January

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28 January, 2018

An Angel Announces Jesus’ Birth

Luke 1:26-38; Matthew 1:18-25

God sends an angel to tell Mary and Joseph about Jesus’ upcoming birth. God gives a lot of specific details, and many of them seemed impossible. But God does the impossible! Jesus was born just as God said he would be.

Memory Verse: “For nothing is impossible with God” Luke 1:37

It Doesn’t Pop!

Your child may have done this activity in church today. If so, ask him or her to show you how to do it. If not, here’s how to do it:

  1. Stick 15 flathead thumbtacks in a 3x5 grid through an index card, and tape the flat side of the tacks in place.
  2. Inflate a balloon.
  3. Push the balloon onto the thumbtacks. It won’t pop!

Talk about these questions:

  • Why does setting the balloon on the tacks without it popping seem impossible?
  • Read together Luke 1:37 (memory verse)
  • What does it mean that God’s Word comes true, even if it seems impossible to us?
  • Why do you trust that God will do what he says?

Through the Week

Here’s an activity you can do throughout the week—over dinner or in the car. Play a variation of the game of “I Spy” with things that demonstrate doing the impossible.

  1. Have someone look around, secretly choose an object, and say something that would be impossible to do using that object. For example, it would be impossible to eat soup with a key.
  2. Everyone else will ask yes or no questions to identify the item.
  3. When someone guesses the item, everyone will try to think of ways God could do the impossible with that item (without being silly).

Family Discussion

  • What’s something in your life that feels impossible?
  • What do you believe God could do about that?
  • Explain whether or not it’s easy for you to believe God can do anything.

Discuss and Watch

Talk about a time you did something difficult. What made you decide to try to do that thing, and what happened?

  • What’s something that would be impossible for you to do?

Let’s watch a video about someone who likes to try to do the impossible.

Watch “Al Risket, Stuntman.”

  • What did you think was the funniest impossible trick that Al Risket tried?

Al tried some funny things and some dangerous things—but even he admitted that there were things that were impossible for him or other humans to do; things that are only possible for God.

As we are looking at the Bible today, we’ve been learning that an angel came to Mary and told her that she was going to have a baby—and that he would be king over Israel and everyone! That seemed impossible to Mary, but she trusted God to do something that seemed impossible to her.

  • What are impossible things that you believe God can do?

Mary trusted God even though what he said was going to happen seemed impossible.

  • When have you trusted God with something that seemed impossible?

Only God can do what seems impossible to us. He did the impossible—and something wonderful—when he brought Jesus to earth for us.

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Dig in at Home - 9 December

Jesus Talks With Peter - John 13:31-38; 18:15-18, 25-27; 21:15-25

Before Jesus dies, he tells Peter that Peter will deny knowing him. Then Peter denies Jesus three times! When Jesus comes back to life, Jesus asks Peter three times if he loves Jesus. Jesus gives Peter a second chance to do big things for him, because Jesus believes in us.

Through the Week

Jesus believes in us. Make a “You Can Do It!” board to believe in each other this week.

- Pick a spot to make your board—it could be sticky notes on a wall or poster board people can write on directly.

- Write or draw encouraging notes to each other that say what you believe in your family members to do. For example, “Amanda, I believe in you to do well on your test today!” or “Jacob, I believe in you to stand up for Jesus!”

- Surprise your friends and family with additional encouraging notes hidden in unexpected places.

- Pray for each other throughout the week, based on the notes you wrote.

Talk About This…

- What do you think Jesus believes in you to do?

Watch and Discuss

We’re learning that Jesus believes in us. Even though Peter messed up and denied knowing Jesus three times, Jesus still believed in him. He gave Peter a second chance to do great big things. Let’s see what happens when our dog friends, Peanut and Biscuit, find themselves in a similar situation.

Watch “Shoe Chew.”

- Peanut lied three times when Biscuit asked if he chewed the shoes. Tell about a time you didn’t tell the truth. Share your own age-appropriate example first.

- Why do you think Peanut’s owner gave him another chance with a new pair of shoes?

- Do you think Peanut deserved another chance? Why or why not?

It might not seem like a good idea to leave out a new pair of shoes with a shoe-chewing dog. But that’s just the kind of thing Jesus does for us. Jesus believes in us, even if we’ve messed up. Jesus gives us second chances, just like he did for Peter.

Digging Into the Life of Jesus. Copyright © Group Publishing, Inc. Permission to reproduce granted for local church use.


Dig in at Home - 2 December

Jesus Appears to Disciples - John 20:19-31; Mark 16:14; Luke 24:36-43

Jesus’ disciples are hiding in a locked room, when Jesus appears! Thomas isn’t there, so he doubts whether they really saw Jesus. He needs to see Jesus and touch his wounds. Jesus appears again and Thomas sees and believes. Jesus helps us believe in him, too.

Through the Week

Take fun family pictures that make things look unbelievable! Try these examples:

- Use “forced perspective” (where one person is close and one is far away) to make it look like one family member is a tiny figure standing in another’s han

- Use forced perspective to make it look like someone is picking up your house or apartment building between his or her fingers.

- Use forced perspective to make it look like one family member is about to step on the others.

- Take a picture with a toy close to the camera and a family member far away, so they look the same size.

- Take a picture where it looks like your family is holding up the moon.

- Talk about how we can know that Jesus being alive is no photography trick, because Jesus helps us believe in him!

Talk About This…

- What do you believe about Jesus?

Watch and Discuss

We’ve been learning that Jesus helps us believe in him. Because we can’t see Jesus, not everyone believes in him. But there are a lot of things we can’t see and yet still believe in…like gravity! Let’s watch a video about a guy who doesn’t believe in gravity.

Watch “Anti-Gravity.”

- What did you think about Andrew’s reasons for not believing in gravity?

- Do you think Andrew changed his mind at the end? If so, what do you think convinced him?

- What are some things that convince you that Jesus is real?

Thomas had doubts about Jesus, just as Andrew had doubts about gravity. But Jesus helped Thomas with his doubts, just like Cammie tried to help Andrew. And Jesus helps us believe in him, even though we can’t see him.

Digging Into the Life of Jesus. Copyright © Group Publishing, Inc. Permission to reproduce granted for local church use.


Dig in at Home - 25 November

The Poor Widow’s Offering - Mark 12:41-44; Luke 21:1-4

Jesus points out a poor widow who drops two coins into the collection box at the Temple. Although many rich people give far more money, Jesus is most impressed with her gift because she generously gives everything she has to live on. Jesus loves givers.

Family Together Time

Spend time together collecting things to give away, as a reminder that Jesus loves givers.

- Clean your house. Collect things that you can give away.

- Make a big pile of everything you want to donate.

- Go through the pile and talk about which things are easy to give, and which require more of a sacrifice.

- Talk about why it’s important to Jesus to give generously.

- Take your items to a homeless shelter or other charity.

Talk About This…

- What would be the hardest thing for you to give away? Why?

Watch and Discuss

In our Bible story, there was a poor woman who gave all the money she had. Jesus saw her giving the money, and he was happy with what he saw. Jesus loves givers.

- What are some things kids can give?

It might seem like kids don’t have a lot to give. But we’re going to watch a video about a 3-year-old named Emily who gave something very special. That’s right…3 years old!

Watch “Emily’s Story.”

- Why do you think Emily’s gift was important?

- Explain whether it would be easy or hard for you to give some of your hair to someone with cancer.

Say: Emily was very young, but she wanted to give something. She found out about an important organization that takes gifts of something she had—hair! We can always find ways to give, and Jesus loves givers.

Digging Into the Life of Jesus. Copyright © Group Publishing, Inc. Permission to reproduce granted for local church use.