Dig In at Home - 28 January

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28 January, 2018

An Angel Announces Jesus’ Birth

Luke 1:26-38; Matthew 1:18-25

God sends an angel to tell Mary and Joseph about Jesus’ upcoming birth. God gives a lot of specific details, and many of them seemed impossible. But God does the impossible! Jesus was born just as God said he would be.

Memory Verse: “For nothing is impossible with God” Luke 1:37

It Doesn’t Pop!

Your child may have done this activity in church today. If so, ask him or her to show you how to do it. If not, here’s how to do it:

  1. Stick 15 flathead thumbtacks in a 3x5 grid through an index card, and tape the flat side of the tacks in place.
  2. Inflate a balloon.
  3. Push the balloon onto the thumbtacks. It won’t pop!

Talk about these questions:

  • Why does setting the balloon on the tacks without it popping seem impossible?
  • Read together Luke 1:37 (memory verse)
  • What does it mean that God’s Word comes true, even if it seems impossible to us?
  • Why do you trust that God will do what he says?

Through the Week

Here’s an activity you can do throughout the week—over dinner or in the car. Play a variation of the game of “I Spy” with things that demonstrate doing the impossible.

  1. Have someone look around, secretly choose an object, and say something that would be impossible to do using that object. For example, it would be impossible to eat soup with a key.
  2. Everyone else will ask yes or no questions to identify the item.
  3. When someone guesses the item, everyone will try to think of ways God could do the impossible with that item (without being silly).

Family Discussion

  • What’s something in your life that feels impossible?
  • What do you believe God could do about that?
  • Explain whether or not it’s easy for you to believe God can do anything.

Discuss and Watch

Talk about a time you did something difficult. What made you decide to try to do that thing, and what happened?

  • What’s something that would be impossible for you to do?

Let’s watch a video about someone who likes to try to do the impossible.

Watch “Al Risket, Stuntman.”

  • What did you think was the funniest impossible trick that Al Risket tried?

Al tried some funny things and some dangerous things—but even he admitted that there were things that were impossible for him or other humans to do; things that are only possible for God.

As we are looking at the Bible today, we’ve been learning that an angel came to Mary and told her that she was going to have a baby—and that he would be king over Israel and everyone! That seemed impossible to Mary, but she trusted God to do something that seemed impossible to her.

  • What are impossible things that you believe God can do?

Mary trusted God even though what he said was going to happen seemed impossible.

  • When have you trusted God with something that seemed impossible?

Only God can do what seems impossible to us. He did the impossible—and something wonderful—when he brought Jesus to earth for us.

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