Dig In at Home - 25 February

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25 February, 2018

Jesus Speaks With the Religious Teachers

Luke 2:41-52

At age 12, Jesus is at the Temple for a festival and gets lost. His parents look for him for three days and find him in the Temple, wowing the people there because Jesus is wise. After he returns home, he continues to grow in wisdom.

Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people Luke 2:52

Wise Answers

Jesus amazed the religious teachers with his understanding and answers. See how amazing your family is at answering tough questions!

  • Find a trivia board game or app where you can see just a list of questions.
  • Working as a family, see how many questions in a row you can answer correctly.
  • Missed one? Start over and try to break your record!
  • Discuss: What's the difference between knowing facts and being wise?

Just because Jesus wowed the teachers doesn't mean he was a trivia king. Jesus wowed the teachers because he was wise. You don't have to know a lot of facts to be wise. You just need Jesus to help you make good choices!

Through the Week

Here's an activity you can do throughout the week.

  • Talk about choices each person made that day that required wisdom. For example, maybe one family member chose to help someone who was sad or chose to tell the truth even when lying was easier.
  • Discuss other options and how to tell if you've made a wise choice.
  • Pray for wisdom in making the next day's choices. Ask Jesus to give you some of his wisdom.
  • Talk about how your prayers have helped you know what Jesus would choose to do.

Family Discussion

  • Tell about a time you showed wisdom.
  • Tell about a time you didn't show wisdom.
  • When do you need Jesus most this week for wisdom?

Watch and Discuss

The Bible tells us about a time that Jesus and his parents were at a celebration, and when it was time to go home, Jesus got left behind. What would you do if you got left behind at church? We might figure out ways to camp out at church or to call our parents to come and get us. But let’s see what Jesus did!

Watch “Sticky Story.”

Jesus didn’t panic when he got left behind. He hung out in the Temple—which is what church was back then.

  • What surprises you about how Jesus responded when he got left behind?
  • Jesus was only 12 at the time this happened. How do you think he became so wise?

It must have been surprising to Mary and Joseph and the Bible teachers that Jesus knew so much. The Bible tells us he was listening to the teachers and asking questions, and that everyone was amazed at the answers Jesus was giving. Jesus is wise.

The Bible tells us that after this happened, Jesus went home with his parents and that he kept growing—he grew wiser and he grew in size from a boy into a man. When we spend time with Jesus, we can grow in wisdom, too!

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