Rev Ian Weaver16 December, 2018

Sunday 16 December - Matthew 28:16-20

Sunday December 16th (and throughout 2019)

As mentioned on the front page, over summer and throughout 2019 we’ll be “Digging into Discipleship”. Once school returns I’ll resume providing some follow-up questions for the weekly readings. In the meantime, and as a handy help in D.I.Y. bible study (and also incredibly useful in helping either to lead a bible study or simply explain something you’ve read to another person, please find below this well known method of bible study known as Discovery Bible Study.

A bible passage of no more than 10-15 verses is selected – perhaps one that relates to the Sunday preach, or material your Explore Group (or other Missional Community) is currently dealing with, and then it’s over to the Holy Spirit.

It’s designed to work best in a small group of 4-7 people, especially in terms of practising what you might explain to others, (but you can certainly do it on your own to some extent, although this negates the multiplication factor somewhat!).

The passage is read in multiple ways – first reading round the room, then one reading with others listening, and then with everyone pitching in to try and recall what they have read without looking at the passage.

Then ask these 4 questions. The same questions are used every time. (There are many versions of these questions but these are the ones I find most helpful):

1. What does this passage tell us about God, Jesus, people and/or life?

2. Does it give us any promises, principles, commands or warnings?

3. What is God saying to me through this, and what am I going to do about it?

4. Who can I tell about what I have learnt here, within the next week?

The first 2 questions are about exploration – what is the passage saying? You should spend half your time on these questions. This is giving space for the Holy Spirit to be speaking through all the members of the group. I normally follow this with a short pause for people to think on their own about what God might be saying to them through this (especially important for the introverts in the group!)

Question 3 is all about application – these two discipleship questions help people process their “Kairos” / light-bulb moments. If you’re not sure what I mean here, please ask!

Question 4 is about reproduction – this helps people to think not just as a disciple, but also as a potential disciple-maker.

Have a go over summer . . . maybe invite someone for a coffee and do it together informally while you get used to it. It’s fun and you don’t have to be an expert. Try it on these readings which we’ll be using over January . .

December 30 Genesis 1:1-2:3 & Genesis 2: 4-25

January 6 Genesis 11:1-9

January 13 Genesis 13

January 20 Exodus 3:1-15

January 27 Exodus 10:1-18

The weekly Dig in at Home Resource will also be available via the App and Website under the Devotion section during this time.