Dig in at Home - 7 April

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6 April, 2019


God Provides Food for Elijah and A Widow Shares Her Last Bread - 1 Kings 17

Here’s what happens…

There’s a drought for several years that makes food scarce. But God sends ravens to Elijah to bring him meat and bread twice a day. Elijah also has water to drink from a brook. When the brook goes dry, God sends Elijah to a poor widow. She’s down to her last meal’s worth of food and has nothing to give, but she generously gives to Elijah anyway. God is generous as well and continues to replenish the widow’s food supply for as long as she needs.


Family Together Time

•     When you go grocery shopping this week, make it a point to buy at least one extra nonperishable item to donate. (If that’s a stretch for you financially, ask God to help you trust him as you give generously.)

•     If your kids don’t normally go shopping with you, you might involve them by having them list some ideas of what to buy to donate. Or you could make a special trip where each child chooses one item within your budget.

•     Donate the items together, either to a food pantry your church offers, a homeless shelter, or a community food pantry.

•     Before you drop off the food, hold the item (or items) and pray for God to reveal his generous heart to whoever receives your donations.


Talk About This…

•     What’s the best thing God has provided for you?

•     Give an example of what it means to give generously.


Discuss and Watch “A Widow Shares”

We’re learning that God is generous, so we’re generous.

•     What’s the most generous thing you’ve seen someone do?

Let’s see how God and the widow showed generosity.

Watch “A Widow Shares.”

•     Tell about a time you felt really hungry. Share your own story first.

•     Imagine I’d asked you for food during that time. How would you have felt?

The widow wasn’t merely hungry; this was the very last bit of food she had. But she still shared! That’s generous. She did it because she trusted that God would be generous, too. And he was! She always had enough food because God is generous.

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Dig in at Home - 14 April

God Comforts Elijah - 1 Kings 19:1-18

Here’s what happens…

Elijah is tired. He feels defeated, scared, and alone. God gives him rest and food and then speaks in a gentle whisper, addressing Elijah’s concerns. God is comforting, and he helps Elijah see that he’s not going to lose, he has nothing to fear, and he’s not alone.

Bible Point

God is comforting,so we comfort others.

Family Together Time

- Get comfortable! Put on your most comfortable jammies, gather a lot of pillows and blankets, and bring your favorite stuffed animals. (This might be a great bedtime activity!)

- Once you’re all comfortable, talk about problems or troubles your family has faced before. What did God do to comfort you in those times? (Remember, God may have used other people to bring you comfort.)

- Read 2 Corinthians 1:4 in the box above.

- Brainstorm together a way your family can comfort someone you know based on the comfort God gave you during your hard time.

- Do it! Comfort the person you discussed using the ideas you came up with.

Talk About This…

- What’s the most comfortable place you can think of?

Discuss and Watch “Big & Tall”

We’re learning that God is comforting, so we comfort others.

- Tell about a time you felt really discouraged. Share your own story first.

- What did other people do to comfort you?

Let’s see how a bee comforts a flower in our video.

Watch “Big & Tall.”

- What did you notice about the way Buzzly comforted Flowery?

When Flowery needed comforting, Buzzly tried kind words, then thought of a way to help Flowery solve his problem. Those are two great ways to comfort others! God is comforting, so we comfort others.

Digging Into the Heart of God. Copyright © Group Publishing, Inc. Permission to reproduce granted for local church use.