Dig in at Home - 13 January

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12 January, 2019

Abram Gives Lot the Best Land - Genesis 13

Here’s what happens…

Abram is Lot’s uncle, and the two live and travel together. But because God has given them so many animals, they need to split up. Abram lets Lot choose which land he wants, and Lot chooses the better side. God is giving, and we can reflect God’s generosity.

Watch and Discuss

  • What’s your favorite way to spend a Saturday?

There are so many fun things to do on the weekend that it’s easy to focus on what’s the most fun for us. We’re going to see a video where kids gave up some of their weekend time to help other people.

Watch “Slammin’ Famine.”

  • What difference did the girls in the video make by giving their time?
  • Tell about when you gave your time to volunteer or help someone.
  • How does it make you feel when you give your time to help others? Why do you think that is?

In the Bible, God gave to Abram, and Abram gave to Lot. Even if we don’t have a lot of money or stuff to give, we can be giving because we can give our time to help others! That’s a great way to reflect God’s giving heart.

Through the Week

Give up what you want and instead collect the money to give away this week.

  • Find ways to cut costs this week. Here are some examples.
  • If you normally have take-away for dinner, eat in instead.
  • If you normally buy lunch, take some from home this week.
  • If you usually buy coffee, skip it for the week, or have one at home instead.
  • Put all the money you would’ve spent in a jar. (If you don’t have cash, just write IOUs.)
  • At the end of the week, give the money to church or charity.
  • Talk about what good things God gave you as you showed generosity. For example, maybe you got a nice note in your lunch from a parent, or you had fun cooking your Friday night meal together.

Talk About This…

  • What’s a gift you were really excited to give? Why were you excited?

Something to try at Home


  • coins
  • eyedropper
  • paper towel
  • small cup of water

God is giving. He fills our lives with good things—even more than we might expect. Let’s see how much water we can give to a coin. We’ll count to see how many water drops the coin will hold without the water spilling over.

  • How many drops do you think a coin will hold? Let’s find out!

Place the eyedropper into the cup of water and draw up some water. Then carefully add drops of water to the top of the coin counting how many drops the coin will hold before it spills over the side. Repeat the experiment to see if the result is always the same.

  • What did you notice about the water on top of the coin?

As the water reached the edge of the coin, the water molecules clung to each other and made a dome or bubble shape on top of the coin. Each new water drop formed a hydrogen bond until it all finally spilled over the side of the coin.

  • How are water drops on a coin like the good things God gives?

God is giving. Sometimes he blesses us in more ways than we expected. He gives us more and more blessings until they spill over from our lives and affect the world around us as we reflect his giving heart.

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Dig in at Home - 24 March

David Celebrates - 2 Samuel 6

Here’s what happens…

King David leads a parade to bring the Ark of the Lord back to Israel. It’s a big celebration, with music and dancing. David is wearing clothes that make him not look like a king, and his wife isn’t happy. But David knows that God is praiseworthy, so we celebrate him.

Bible Point

God is praiseworthy, so we celebrate him.

Family Together Time

Throw a party to celebrate what God has done for your family.

- Hang balloons.

- Bake a cake.

- Think of gifts you can give to God.

- Make signs thanking God for what he has done and for who he is.

- Play party games.

- Play worship music and dance along.

Talk About This…

- Tell about the most fun celebration or party you’ve ever been to.

- What were you celebrating?

Discuss and Watch “Dance & Praise”

David knew God is praiseworthy, and he celebrated God by singing and dancing.

- What do you like to do when you’re celebrating?

Let’s watch a video about a girl who celebrates and worships God by dancing.

Watch “Dance & Praise.”

- Jaedyn says that dancing is an act of worship because God gave you the bodies to dance, so you’re supposed to give it right back to him. Do you agree with that? Explain.

- Jaedyn learned about God through dancing. What’s something you do that helps you learn more about who God is?

- This video says that “worship is treasuring God above all things.” When you think about worship that way, how could you worship God?

God is praiseworthy, so we celebrate him! We can celebrate him through dancing, like David and Jaedyn, or we can celebrate him through focusing on him, making sure he’s the most important, and showing our love for him. Let’s celebrate God all week!

Digging Into the Heart of God. Copyright © Group Publishing, Inc. Permission to reproduce granted for local church use.


Dig in at Home - 17 March

David Values Saul’s Life - 1 Samuel 24; 26

Here’s what happens…

Saul is chasing David and trying to kill him. Finally, David has two opportunities to kill Saul; once in a cave and once when Saul is sleeping. Both times, David chooses to spare Saul’s life because he knows God values people.

Bible Point

God values people, so we value people.

Through the Week

Tell people they’re valuable to God!

- Text someone to say, “God values you, and I do, too!”

- Call someone to share what you value about that person.

- Each day, tell your friends and family members one thing you value about them.

- You can even tell people you don’t know, “God values you!”

Talk About This…

- What do you think God values about you?

Discuss and Watch “The Chance for Revenge”

In today’s Bible story, David had the chance to get back at Saul. Saul was chasing David and trying to kill him—and a lot of people who were in David’s shoes would’ve wanted revenge.

- Tell about a time you wanted a chance to take revenge on someone. Share your own story first, demonstrating how to avoid mentioning any names.

Let’s watch some pets and see what happened when they faced a situation similar to the one David and Saul were in.

Watch “The Chance for Revenge”

- What do you think about the way Lexy treated Spike?

- What do you think of Marty the fish’s advice to Spike?

- What can you learn from the way Spike—and David—treated their enemies?

- How is this story like David and Saul’s?

Marty suggested that Spike could hurt Lexy with his quills. That’s kind of like David’s army suggesting David kill Saul. But instead, Spike found a way to make peace by showing Lexy he wouldn’t hurt her, even if he could. Spike showed that he valued a friendship with Lexy more than revenge, and David showed that he valued Saul’s life more than he wanted revenge. God values people, so we value people…even if we have a chance for revenge.

Digging Into the Heart of God. Copyright © Group Publishing, Inc. Permission to reproduce granted for local church use.


Dig in at Home - 10 March

An Idol Bows to God’s Ark - 1 Samuel 5:1-5

Here’s what happens…

The Philistines capture the Ark of God, a holy box that represents God’s presence. They put the Ark in a temple with an idol named Dagon, and Dagon keeps falling before the Ark! This demonstrates that God is real and the idol isn’t.

Bible Point

God is real, so we believe he’s the one true God.

Through the Week

The idol falling before the Ark of God was evidence that God is real and the idol wasn’t. This week, find modern-day evidence that God is real.

- Look for God Sightings—evidence that God is real.

- God Sightings might include a sunset, a kind word, an answer to prayer, or a good day.

- Share your God Sightings with each other in the car, at a meal, or at bedtime.

Talk About This…

- If you could make one fake thing become real, what would you choose and why?

Discuss and Watch “What’s More Important?”

- If someone who didn’t know you walked into your room, what would that person think is most important to you?

In the Bible in 1 Samuel 5:1-5, some people didn’t know God was real. They thought a fake god, an idol, was more important! But God showed that he’s the one true God by making the idol bow to the ark that represented God’s presence. Let’s watch a video where you’ll decide what’s more important. Get ready to move!

Watch “What’s More Important?”

- How did you decide which was more important in each choice?

- Were there any that were really hard to choose between? Why?

- Think about that last choice: Based on what you pay the most attention to in your life, what would others say is most important to you? What are your thoughts on that question?

None of the things in our video were bad. You might like soccer, your phone, kittens, and straight A’s. Those can all be good things! But they can also become idols if we let them be more important than God. God is the only true God, so he deserves the most of our attention.

Digging Into the Heart of God. Copyright © Group Publishing, Inc. Permission to reproduce granted for local church use.