Share your Highs and Lows

Who do you turn to when you need a hug?



Matthew 8:1 – 4

The Man with Leprosy




·        What did it mean to be a leper in society in Jesus day?

·        Why is it significant then that Jesus touched the man?


The gospels are full of the miracles that Jesus performs.  When the leper says to Jesus “if you are willing” we may wonder why Jesus is no longer willing to perform miracles today.  Still today Jesus performs miracles, we need to look for what they are.


·        Have you seen a miracle or heard of on that happened?


Miracles aren’t just about making people better, but the promise of a life that is perfect. Only Jesus can bring that life, and we can only get that life by accepting him.


·        Have you accepted the miracle of Jesus and eternal life?



Dear God, Thank you that you care about us so much that you still perform miracles in our everyday lives. Sometimes they are not easy to see, so please open our eyes to them, and your works in our world. Amen



(Name), child of God, God is willing and you are made clean.