Share your Highs and Lows

What character trait are you best known for?



Matthew 5:1 – 11



Our world and the people who live in it seek to avoid things like poverty and mourning but Jesus challenges that mindset.

·        What do each of the beatitudes mean? (see Sundays session on Blessings for help)

·        Who do you know that best lives out one (or many) of these?

·        Which do you think is the hardest to do?


Through his life, Jesus takes these often unwanted characteristics and makes them key aspects of the best way of living that he offers.

·        How can you make the beatitudes real in your life?



Dear God, Help me to be more open to challenging the ways of the world instead living more like you. Help me to identify the things in my life that I can change to be more like you, so other can see you through me. Amen



Choose a line of the beatitudes to say to each other.