Materials required for prayer activity:

·        Paper towel or clean dry CHUX cloth for each person

·        Permanent marker pen

·        Chalk and blackboard or Dry erase pens and Whiteboard (or something else that can be easily wiped clean)



Your highs and lows

About a time that you felt like no one liked you



Luke 19:1-10

Psalm 130: 1- 8



We are amazed by the grace of God that forgives us and sets us free.  But we can never forget that this grace comes at a price, the death of Jesus on the cross.  Understanding the extent of this cost should compel us into obedience to God and a desire to know him more and sin less.  Failure to respond to God through prayer cheapens the grace we have received.

Repentance is not just having a change of heart and mind. It also means that we have to work towards restoration and making amends for the things we have done wrong. The story of Zacchaeus is a great example of a sinner that was compelled to turn his life around after meeting Jesus.

No-one in his community would have given Zacchaeus a second look or a helping hand. They had already given him much of their money as he was the chief tax collector in the area. He had become rich at the expense of ordinary people, and they would have gladly strung him up on a tree!

·        What did Zacchaeus do to get close to Jesus? (climb a tree)

·        What did Zacchaeus have to say to Jesus to turn his life around? (I’m sorry)

Zacchaeus’ meeting with Jesus that day changed his life. He shows genuine repentance and not only accepts Jesus into his life and his home, but he promises to give away money to the poor and repay back (by four times) anyone he ever cheated in his career as a tax collector.

Zacchaeus chose to accept Jesus’ forgiveness and the new life that that brings. He chose to follow Jesus whatever the cost. And so must we.

·        What things do you need to say sorry to God for?

·        What can you do to make amends for the wrong things you have done?

We all do things wrong and it is important that we tell God that we are sorry. It’s also important to remember that God’s love doesn’t depend on our confession, He loves us because that is who He is!



Give each person a piece of paper towel or a clean dry CHUX cloth. With a permanent marker, write on the cloth “I am sorry, please wipe away my sin”

Then using chalk and a blackboard or dry erase pens and a white board (or something else that can be easily wiped clean), make a list of things that you need to say sorry to God for.

Say: God wants to forgive us for these things and help us to make a fresh start. All we need to do is say sorry to God and really mean it and He will forgive us.

Get each person to use the paper towel or CHUX to wipe the board clean as they say sorry to God.


You might also like to use this prayer…

Lord God,

You know all that I say and do.

You know when I am unkind.

You know when I am selfish.

You know when I don’t do the things that I promised or should.

You know when I forget to say thank you or just don’t care about any one else. Lord God, I am sorry.

(A sorry Prayer – My Teeny Tiny Prayers book)



May God Bless you as you pray to him every day, praising him, thanking him and saying sorry to him.



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