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Samuel 1:1-20

Isaiah 64:1-7



There is incredible power available to us when we pray. God wants us to pray to deepen our relationship with him, and also so that he can pour into our lives. A key part of praying is in believing that God will answer our prayers.

The story of Hannah takes place a long time ago, even before Jesus was born. Hannah was married to a man named Elkanah and she was very sad because she was getting old and still did not have any children. One day, Hannah decided to pray (verse 11)

·        Why was Hannah so sad? (Because she did not have any children.)

·        How did Hannah ask for God's help? (She prayed.)

·        What did Hannah pray for? (A son.)

·        Do you think that Hannah believed that God would answer her prayer?

After Samuel was born, Hannah prayed again to the Lord to thank Him for Samuel. In the same way that Hannah thanked God, so should we.

·        Can you share a time that God answered a prayer for you?

·        Do you have anything that you are thankful to God for (or answered prayers)?

You can talk to God, any time you need. He is always listening and hears our prayers and sees our hurting.  He knows what is best for us and answers our prayers in his own time and in his own way.  We must learn to wait and trust God to carry out his plans for our lives.

We must also believe that God hears our prayers and will answer them. There is amazing power in prayer but when we limit our belief of what he can do, we sell ourselves short. We sin against Him by not believing that he is powerful enough or caring enough to answer our prayers.

God has so much more that he wants to pour into our lives, and he can only do that when we are willing, when we believe and when we pray.



Take some time each day this week to pray with your family and thank God for at least one specific thing each day. You can use this prayer as a start…

Thank you for my family who love me and for my friends who care about me.

Thank you for my home and toys and bed.

Thank you for food and drink, for some to spare and some to share.

Thank you for all the good things you give to me and for surrounding me with your love.

(A thanking Prayer – My Teeny Tiny Prayers book)



May God Bless you as you pray to him every day, praising him and thanking him for the things he has done.



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