Your highs and lows

About a difficult time that you or someone else had



Acts 12:5-17 – Peter escapes from Prison (or watch a story version here)

Psalm 61

Matthew 19:26



One of the most common prayers that we offer are prayers of intercession, praying on behalf of another. In our Rainbow prayer, the prayer for others comes before the prayer for ourselves. Prayer for others is not meant to tell God what to do, but to enter into God’s love for others.

·        Why should we pray for others? What does it mean to pray for others before ourselves? 

When Herod threw Peter into prison, it looked like there would be no way he would be able to get out as there was so many guards.  But while he was locked away, Peter’s friends gathered together doing the most important thing they could do as they faced this impossible situation.

·        How did God change Peter’s impossible situation? (An angel rescued him from prison)

As followers of God, the most powerful weapons we have are prayer and the Word of God (the Bible).  As we memorize bible verses and grow in our understanding of God we learn more about Him and prayer. Read Matthew 19:26 again.

·        What is possible with God? (anything)

As believers we will face difficulties.  We can be encouraged that if we are trusting God and serving Him, He never leaves us.  He may rescue us from the difficulties like the angel rescued Peter from prison.  But if God chooses not to remove us from the difficulties we can trust that He is with us every step of the way and will give us His peace and strength in our difficult situation.

·        What changes will you make in your day to day life after hearing this story?  Will you spend more time in prayer and Bible reading?  Will you pray for others you know are having a difficult time?



Pray a Rainbow – use the colours and sentence starters as a daily pattern of prayer


Purple – Praise God – Adoration

Red – Say sorry and be forgiven – Confession

Orange – Thank God – Thanksgiving

Yellow – For Others – Intercession

Green – For yourself – Supplication

Blue – Listen and say Amen



May God Bless you as you pray to him, praising Him, thanking Him, saying sorry to Him, praying for others and praying for yourself every day.



Jesus Loves Me



What a Friend we have Jesus


Memory Verse

Matthew 19:26 “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”