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Psalm 119:103



We know that we have to eat healthy foods to keep our bodies healthy. Keeping our soul or spirit healthy is even more important, especially if we want a great relationship with God and to grow healthily with Him.

Feeding your soul good food is much more important than feeding your body.

·        How does it feel to go without food for a while? How does it feel to go without spiritual food?

·        How can you feed your soul? What things are good to feed your soul?

o   Reading God’s word (the Bible)

o   Meditating on scripture (learning memory verses and putting them up around your house)

o   Talking to God (praying) and listening to Him

o   Listening to uplifting music (Christian/worship music, Family friendly radio like 96.5fm)

Just as we have to limit the amount of Junk food that we eat, we need to limit the amount of Junk that we feed our souls.  

·        What junk should you try not feed your soul?

o   Music with lyrics that go against God’s word

o   TV shows/movies/books with bad language and bad morals

o   Playing games that are violent and have bad themes

o   Spending time with people who are a bad influence (and not standing up to them)

Prayer is a conversation with God. One way to help this conversation is through listening to God’s voice through meditation on scripture.  Meditation provides stability, fruit and well-being. As you fill your soul with good food, you will find that you feel spiritually full, closer to God and more equipped to do His will in this world.



Father, thank you for coming into our lives. Thank you for forgiving us and saving our souls. Help us to be more aware of what we are feeding our souls than our bodies, and help us to keep away from the junk. Give us a hunger for your word so that we can grow strong in our faith and stand up against any temptations and evil in this world. Amen



May God Bless you as you pray to him, praising Him, thanking Him, saying sorry to Him and meditating on His word every day.


Memory Verse

“How sweet are your words to my taste; they are sweeter than honey” Psalm 119:103



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