Your highs and lows

Have you ever had experience of sharing the gospel?



Acts 1:6-11

Acts 3:1-10


Ryan’s story

Ryan enjoyed going to school. He especially liked his teacher, Miss Johnson.

One day Miss Johnson asked the children to draw a picture of what they wanted to be when they grew up. Ryan had no trouble deciding what he would draw. He drew a picture of a man in a suit carrying his scriptures and walking down a street. Ryan wanted more than anything else to become a missionary when he grew up, just like his older brother.

When Ryan’s teacher looked at his picture, she could not understand what he had drawn. Miss Johnson was not a member of the Church, so she didn’t know what the man in Ryan’s picture was doing. She asked Ryan to explain his drawing to her. Ryan told his teacher that he wanted to become a missionary when he grew up. Miss Johnson was surprised that a boy’s greatest desire was to be a missionary, instead of a policeman, a doctor, or some other occupation.

After school, Miss Johnson asked Ryan to tell her more about why he wanted to be a missionary. Ryan told her how much he loved the Church and how his brother was in another country teaching others about the Church.

That evening Ryan told his parents about Miss Johnson and the picture he had drawn. He asked his parents if he could invite Miss Johnson over for dinner so the family could meet her and talk to her about the gospel.

The next day, Ryan took a note to Miss Johnson inviting her to his home for dinner. She accepted his invitation and went to Ryan’s home a few days later. Miss Johnson enjoyed Ryan and his family so much that she visited them often. They had many discussions about the Church, and six months later Miss Johnson was baptized. She was always grateful to Ryan for sharing his love for the Church with her.

(Story adapted from, accessed 7/7/2016)



Missionaries are important people who tell people about Jesus love for them. When we think of missionaries we usually think about the ones that travel to different countries, or rural areas to spread Gods love. But that’s not the only type of missionary.

In Acts, Jesus tells us that we can (and should) all be missionaries. And there are many ways to be missionaries, without having to travel at all even.

·        Which of these ways do you think are good ways to be a missionary?

o   You won’t let a classmate play with you at school

o   You invite a friend to Sunday school

o   You tell a friend about Jesus

o   You are rude to your neighbour

o   You save some money to give to church

o   You cheat on a test in school

o   Without asking, you take something that doesn’t belong to you

o   You don’t obey your parents and then brag about it to your friends

o   You invite a friend to your home for dinner

o   You invite someone new in your neighbourhood to play with you

o   You tease a classmate until they cry

o   You pray for missionaries


Another great way to be a missionary is to “love your neighbour as yourself” (Mathew 22:39)

As a family, organise and event to hold in your neighbourhood that will build community. There are some resources on the church website at that you can use to plan and run your event. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy, you might just invite the kids next door over for morning or afternoon tea, or arrange a play in the local park. Get the kids involved and show them how important is it to be community.



Dear God, you are awesome God, and created us to be awesome too.

I am sorry for not always being a missionary as you have called me to be. Please forgive me.

Thank you for the opportunities that you give me every day, to be able to go to... school/work… and to be able to talk to the people I see about you.

Please help me to love my neighbour, to pray for them and tell them about your love for them too.

Help me to follow the leading of your spirit, and do what you have planned for me every day.

In Jesus Name, amen.




Say these words to each other as a blessing… trace each letter of the word LIGHT on their forehead as you read it.


In the power and authority of Jesus – go into your neighbourhood and be his light!

L - Love your neighbour as yourself

I - Imitate Christ

G - Get to know others

H - Offer Hospitality 

T - Tell them about Jesus



We Are

Silver and Gold

I will Follow