What is your most valuable possession?



Matthew 13:44-46 The Parables of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl



Today, we store our treasures safely at home, in the bank or in a safe deposit box. In Jesus' day, burying treasure was the best way to keep it safe. Sometimes people died without letting anyone else know where they had buried it and so a hoard of coins or jewels buried in a pottery jar would be discovered and make its finder instantly rich.


Wouldn’t we all love to get rich by winning the lottery, or finding a stash of treasures? This dream was real in Jesus’ day too and this story would have captured the imagination of his listeners.

·        How hard would it be for you to give up, lose or sell your most treasured possession?

·        What does it mean to “sell everything” for the Kingdom?

In these parables, Jesus tells us that the Kingdom of God is the most worthy treasure and is far more valuable than anything in this world. He’s not pointing out what we must give up to enter His kingdom. He is telling us that it is worth more than everything else. Both of the men gave up everything that they had – gladly and joyfully – not because they had to, but because they wanted to!

Just as these men, we shouldn’t let anything keep us from entering the kingdom of God.

·        What will you gladly give up so that you can enjoy the full benefits of the kingdom of Heaven



Dear God, Thank you that you have given us the most important treasure. Help us to remember to let go of the other things that we think are treasures and hold on to your love, grace and forgiveness. Help us to look for ways that we can show others your treasure too. In Jesus Name, Amen



Say this blessing to each other…


May the beauty of God be reflected in your eyes,
the love of God be reflected in your hands,
the wisdom of God be reflected in your words,
and the knowledge of God flow from your heart,
that all might see, and by seeing, believe


Grace on Top of Grace

Hosanna Rock