·        What is your favourite TV game show? Do you play along and try to answer yourself, or just wait for the contestants and host to give the correct responses?

·        Your Highs and Lows



Mark 4:26 – 29 (The Parable of the Soil)

Philippians 4:10 - 13



The Parable of the soil teaches us to be content in life, the key in this parable is the phrase “all by itself the soil produces grain”.  The seed doesn’t grow because it strives to, it grows because it is exposed to God’s plan for growth. 

The ground is ploughed and the seed is sown but then it is left to its (or God’s) own devices.


It is the same for us. God has a plan for our growth and for the growth of our family and friends.

·        What part do people play in the growing of the Kingdom?

·        What part do you play in the growth of your family and other non-believers?

Just like the seed is left to grow, we need to allow ourselves to be content in God and allow his purposes to be revealed through us. We can plough and sow God’s word but growth happens in God’s time.

·        Does knowing that the growth of the kingdom is ultimately in God’s hands cause you to rest or to work more? Why?

·        Taking verse 28 personally, at what stage is the kingdom in your life now: still a seed? Sprouting? Outgrowing the “weeds”? Producing a harvest?

We need to spread the gospel seed, but the germination and growth are God's responsibility.



Dear God, Thank you that you have given us the most important treasure – the Kingdom of Heaven. Help us to remember our responsibility in your Kingdom. Help us to spread the Gospel seed and to also be content in the growth of the seeds. Show me when I need to sow and when I need to rest. In Jesus Name, Amen



Say this blessing to each other…

May the beauty of God be reflected in your eyes,
the love of God be reflected in your hands,
the wisdom of God be reflected in your words,
and the knowledge of God flow from your heart,
that all might see, and by seeing, believe