Your Highs and Lows



Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43 The Parable of the Weeds



Many people will say that all the world’s religions are basically the same.  There is a certain similarity between some of the basic moral teachings and truths of these religions.  In the kingdom of God now, we live alongside these different religions.  But Christianity makes a claim that eternal life only comes through Jesus Christ.  T

·        Are there times that you have been quick to judge other people’s decisions?

·        What does this parable teach us about judging others?

The parable makes the point that we are not to judge between right and wrong, just to pursue what we believe is right. Jesus also taught that we must love one another, and get along, even with our differences. This is hard but if we must just concentrate on our own actions, our own discipleship and relationship with.

·        How can you work on your relationship with God to help you love others?

In the parable of the Wheat and Weeds, we learn that Jesus is patiently waiting to establish a physical kingdom so he can give everyone a chance to believe in him before he punishes people for not trusting him with their lives. We learn that since we are the wheat, the good seed in the world, it is our job pray for the weeds, the people that don’t know Jesus.

·        Who can you pray for that doesn’t yet know Jesus?



Dear God, you are amazing in Grace and power.

Sorry for not always doing the things that you have asked me to do, especially when it comes to accepting and loving others who are different to me. Please forgive me.

Thank you for the opportunities that you give me every day, to be able to go to... school/work… and to be able to live for you without fear.

Please help me to love others, to pray for them and learn how to love them more. Help me to trust in you and your amazing power every day.

In Jesus Name, amen.



Say this blessing to each other

(Numbers 6:24-26)


The LORD bless you and keep you;

The LORD make His face shine on you and be gracious to you;

The LORD lift up His face on you and give you peace.



Hands to the Heaven

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