Your Highs and Lows

Something that makes you really sad



Nehemiah 1:1 – 2:8



Nehemiah was the cupbearer to King Artaxerxes which was a very important job but it wasn’t the only special job that God have planned for him.

One day Nehemiah heard some news that made him very sad.

·        What was the news that Nehemiah got? (that the walls of Jerusalem had been torn down and the gates burned)

·        What did Nehemiah do after hearing about Jerusalem? (he cried and prayed)

·        Talk about how you would feel in Nehemiah’s situation.

King Artaxerxes noticed that Nehemiah was sad and allowed him to go back to Jerusalem to help. Before he did, he gave Nehemiah letters to ensure safe travel and provisions for his mission.

·        What gave Nehemiah the courage to ask the King for what he needed?

·        What did Nehemiah do before he did anything else?

Nehemiah knew the importance of prayer and constant communication with God.

·        Talk about prayer and the rainbow prayer parts that Nehemiah used

o   Purple – Praise God(adoration)

o   Red – sorry (confession)

o   Green – for yourself (supplication)



Say your own prayer like Nehemiah’s (using the Purple, Red and Green parts of your Rainbow Prayer)



Say this blessing to each other:

May the Lord bless you and take good care of you.

May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.

May the Lord look on you with favour and give you peace.



The Celebration Song

A Gift to You