Please Note: to make it easier for children and families, The Faith in Families Devotions for the Nehemiah series will follow the lesson plan Sunday School is using. The bible reading will be out of sync with the worship series but the overall theme is still to study the whole of Nehemiah.



Your Highs and Lows

About a time that you needed help to do something



Nehemiah 5-6



Nehemiah faced may difficulties through the rebuilding of the wall, and there were enemies fighting against him through the whole process. He took it all in his stride though, and continued to pray and ask God to show him through each difficulty and find solutions to the problems he and his people faced.

·        How do you balance prayer and taking action when faced with problems?

·        How has prayer guided your actions in the past?

Nehemiah was angry when he found out that the poor in his community were being taken advantage of. The leaders were being greedy, cruel, selfish and were disobeying God’s Law. Nehemiah again sought wisdom from God and handled the situation God’s way, with compassion and grace.

·        How do you demonstrate compassion to those less fortunate than you?

·        How can you make sure that you are following God’s rules for life?

God helps us to be wise and make good decisions. If we decide to follow Him, talk to Him and read His word, He will help us with anything and everything. Even the biggest problems can be fixed with God’s help.



Say your own Rainbow Prayer… Ask God to help you make wise decisions and help you when you need it.


Purple - Praise God

Red - Say Sorry

Orange - Say Thanks

Yellow - Other People

Green - For Yourself

Blue - Listen & say Amen



Say this blessing to each other:

May the Lord bless you and take good care of you.

May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.

May the Lord look on you with favour and give you peace.



The Celebration Song

A Gift to You

What a beautiful Name