Please Note: to make it easier for children and families, The Faith in Families Devotions for the Nehemiah series will follow the lesson plan Sunday School is using. The bible reading will be out of sync with the worship series but the overall theme is still to study the whole of Nehemiah.



Your Highs and Lows

About a time of new beginnings in your life



Nehemiah 7-13




Just a few days after the wall had been finished all the people came together at Jerusalem. They gathered together and a man read to them from the law of God.

·        Who read to the people? (Ezra and there were also others helping the people understand)

·        Why is it important to listen carefully when someone is explaining God’s word to us? (it shows us what God wants us to do)

Although the walls were finished, there was still lots of other work to do in Jerusalem.

·        What else did the people need to repair?

All of the leaders and every tenth family was invited to make their home inside Jerusalem. God guided Nehemiah to give special jobs to the people and chose a special day to celebrate the work God had done in their city.

·        Who was put in charge of the city? What other jobs were given?

·        What did the people do on their special day? (praised God for all he had done)

God had worked in a wonderful way among the people of Jerusalem. They made a promise to follow God and obey his commands, they praised Him and Thanked Him for what he had done. He gave them a new beginning and allowed them to continue their lives afresh with Him.

How can you show God appreciation and thanks for the things He has done in your life? What journey do you think he is taking you on next?



Say your own Rainbow Prayer… give yourself completely to God to do His will.


Purple - Praise God

Red - Say Sorry

Orange - Say Thanks

Yellow - Other People

Green - For Yourself

Blue - Listen & say Amen



Say this blessing to each other:

May the Lord bless you and take good care of you.

May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.

May the Lord look on you with favour and give you peace.



The Celebration Song

A Gift to You

What a beautiful Name