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Your Highs and Lows



Matthew 5:9



Matthew 5:9 is just one of the Beatitudes, part of the Sermon on the Mount that Jesus gave one day while walking and teaching with his Disciples. The beatitudes give us something to aim for, to work on our whole life to try to achieve.  Jesus wants us to try our best and give us a life full of blessings and then he will reward us even bigger in heaven someday. 

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. 

What is a peacemaker?

·        The simplest way to explain this is someone who makes peace.  Helping others to get along would be a big part of it. 

How can you be a peacemaker in your home? At school?

The second part of this beatitude says: then you will be called the children of God

Why is it important to be called a child of God?

·        Being God's child would mean that you truly are a part of God's family

·        Being a part of his family means that you're starting (or at least wanting to start) to be more like Him

What ways are you like your parents? Or grandparents? Or siblings? In what ways are you different?

Sometimes it’s hard to get along with our family but it is our responsibility to make peace, because Jesus said so!



Dear God, Thank you for my family. Thank you that we love each other and can learn about you and how to live like you together. Please help us to be a peaceful family so that others can see that we are a family that loves and lives for you.

Help me to be a peacemaker, today and every day. With all my actions, all my thoughts and everything I say. Amen



When you see a member of your family being a peacemaker, speak a blessing over them…

·        Thank you,                               for being a peacemaker.

·        I see that you are doing your best to keep the peace                            .

·        It is so peaceful at our house, I know that God is pleased. This is music to his ears.

·        How good and pleasant is it when family lives together in unity (Psalm 133:1)


For Parents:

Have a look at the Kids of Integrity Harmony booklet for more ideas and activities to build peace and harmony in your home. Print it and keep it in a safe place (maybe with your bible) so that you can access and use it whenever you need to)