Your highs and lows for the week

What is one that that you don’t like sharing?



Acts 4:32-35



Through the Story of Barnabas, we learn that not only is sharing important, but it is vital to the work of God in our world.

·        How and what did Barnabas share?

·        Why is this so significant?

We can feel good when we share things and are generous to others. God asks us to be generous, but He is not just looking for us to be generous with our money or things that we have, sometimes it is about helping and serving others.

Generosity is expressed when we make an offer to give something to another, with no thought of what comes back to us.  We are to be generous toward ourselves, other people and God.

·        What ways can your family be generous?

Make a list and choose one thing to do this week or this month to show generosity. Your list might include; sponsor a child, donate to a charity, make a meal or gift for someone…


For parents:

Teaching your children that giving is better than receiving is really important. This isn’t just a one-time talk. It’s a value we instil every day, in everything we do… How are you showing generosity in your everyday life?




Dear God, Thank you for the things that you have given me in my life, ________________. Thank you for blessing me with these and many other things every day. Please help me to be more like Barnabas and have a generous heart. Help me to share my possessions, my time and my talents so that the blessing you give me, can also be a blessing to others.



Show generosity by blessing someone this week by choosing something from your list and doing it.

Say - May God bless you as you share your things, your time and your talents