Daily Bible Reading

"Let Christ's teaching live in your hearts, making you rich in the true wisdom" (Colossians 3:16, JB Phillips Paraphrase).  It is God desire and design that scripture will find its home within us.  As we read and reflect on scripture it will reveal to us the wonders of the nature of God, the future that he has prepared for us and the people he is transforming us to be on the journey.

7 habits for effective bible reading

5 Useful Apps for bible reading on your Smartphone or Tablet

Reading the bible with your family




Many Christ-followers find great insight and spiritual depth from journaling.  Journaling is a daily process of reading the bible with a heart open to the Spirit and writing down the insights you receive.  The intention is to act on the revelation the Spirit gives you from your reading. 


One helpful process for journaling is the SOAP method developed by Wayne Cordeiro of New Hope Church in Hawaii. 


1. Pray – asking the Holy Spirit to open your heart and mind to the truth God wants to bring to you

2. Read – the passages set out for that day in the bible reading plan

3. Reflect – on what you have read

4. Record

Scripture – write out a verse or two that speak specifically to you.
Observation – make a note of what you observe in the text.
Application – write out how this applies to your life.
Prayer – write out a prayer of response to what God has said.








The Bible App

A simple app for both iphone and android.  You can install it on your phone or tablet and have the bible available to you wherever you are.  The app contains many daily bible reading plans, there is something for everyone. 



Bible Reading Guides


Other Christ-followers find it helpful to use a published bible reading guide.  These types of guides usually provide a reading for the day,  a short reflection, a prayer and some other related passages. 


There are many different Bible Reading Guides produced.  You need to find the one that suits you.  You may want to consider the topics that are covered, the style of writing, the challenge provided or the theological angle that is taken. 


Scripture Union provide a number of guides.  Click here to check out their online store.